Spring Bloom

As if someone turned a switch all in unison flowers are seemingly everywhere. There were the early daffodils that brightened many lawns. Their bright yellow color signaling the beginning of a new season. 

On a bright sunny day flowers reflect a variety of color as the spring buds burst from their bulbs pollinating the air. I don’t have any allergies but there was a tickle in my nose and a few sneezes as the volume of pollen overwhelmed my defenses. 

What is it about flowers? To me it’s their color and what flowers represent. Green is the prevalent color of plants. The foliage that develops the vibrancy of the leaves is nicely contrasted by the colors of a bloom. Flowers represent the feminine as they attract the insects that feed on their nectar and in the process pollinate the seed contained within. In this respect flowers represent the act of consummation that occurs between a man and a woman. 

An easy observation regarding the health of the flower can be made by simply looking at it. The shape of the petals and any distinguishing or noticeable features says something about the environment. Many flowers are grown somewhere else and planted just for now so that the color enhances the drab environment. It’s an ornament like the old practice of placing a model next to a car. 

Flowers bring joy to those who receive them. For those who appreciate them which is mostly women. Guys never get flowers and if I got some I don’t know how if react. I may have gotten some in the past but I’ve certainly given out more. When that bouquet sits there on the table in a vase it does bring a joy to the environment. 

Flowers may seem to be delicate and pretty but they are also hearty and resourceful. When they bloom on a plant that has been there for a while in a perennial display one can see how the environment has treated it. The winds, rains and temperature affect the size and symmetry of the flower itself. It’s nature and nurture that is on display exemplified right then and there. 

What the flower represents is my thoughts about someone who is far away from me now. Someone whom I can only caress with my mind and express affection through words. When I see flowers I think of her then and I capture that moment because of the beauty that it gives me. 


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