Inner Life

Crisis arises seemingly out of nowhere. If there was a chance to see something coming then we can swerve to avoid it dodge it or duck. Instead it kind of hits us a glancing blow if we react fast enough or whe get KO’d. If we are lucky it misses and it serves as a reminder that something could have happened. 

We had a chat about it Ba(r)be and I. She was lamenting on the changing nature of her perspective and how events unrelated to our relationship have made her question some things. We grow up in a society and within that our family units greatly influence our development and as we grow and mature some edifices in our mind that relate to the world and ourselves are created. These mental structures sometimes interfere with how we perceive the world and how we see ourselves. When these structures are undermined and they crumble we are left with the pieces and we must rebuild that aspect of life. 

It just so happened that I read an article that talked about the inner voice and how we can deal with its negative tone. That inner voice that can sometimes turn nasty and that is sometimes delusional leading us astray. The choices we make when we stop resisting is a precipitous path towards darkness. We don’t have to give in since that voice is not who we are completely. It is just a part. A part that can be separated and isolated. 

Hard times befall many of us at different points. I myself have been there thinking to myself “how did I get to this point?” When the low is lower than ever imagined and the light is all the way up there. At least there is light and a way to get there can be found. Optimism isn’t just blind confidence it’s a tool to focus on an outcome regardless of where and in what one finds themselves in. 

That inner voice, those questions, them mental constructs, at some point they find something solid to stand on. Something on which to build. If we believe in a delusional construct at some point it’s illusion will fade and the truth will be found within because the vantage point will be better after taking the journey to explore it. “The unexamined life is not worth living” was said by Plato if I remember. It may seem a bit harsh but it says that we should always be questioning and analyzing out life in light of experience. If we don’t we rot in place due to our festering misconceptions. 

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