Other Peoples News

It grew into a gargantuan pile. The stack of newspapers would have taken a week to read according to the cashier. What am I going to do with all of that newsprint? 

There is a thought crystallizing in my mind to do with pictures what I did with words. I’m waiting for it to say something to me. What it’s said so far is that the world has a lot of problems and that we are caught up in its current. The news tells us, it informs us of the happenings in the neighborhood or the country and in the world. 

My fingers were black with the ink as I sorted through the pile tossing out all the sports sections and the classifieds. By doing this by the end of the weekend I had tossed out about half of it. There is so much paper. It reminded me of my time in my early childhood when it was me delivering papers. The weekend had a lot of extra sections that contributed to the heft of the work. When all the papers arrived I had to put them all together and then pack them into my little trolley on their way to be delivered. I did this for years it was the only way to get some pocket money. 

I’m not going to buy any more newspapers to this collection. There is more than enough material from what I got to serve my purpose. The news salacious as always smearing the other side, titilating with inuendo and pulling at the heart with its various stories. There are conflicts that are forgotten swept under the rug. There is the potential of terror strikes and a description of how it is to be amongst them. There were a few especially heinous murders committed on top of strange accidents that also claimed lives. Has anything changed?

The big story and the one that will just continue to fester is the one about the revelations contained in the so called Pannama Papers. Already one head of state had to resign amid protest. Here in the UK the PM released his tax return to show that he paid taxes on the income derived from his holdings. His father was the one who began the investment fund. What emerges from all of this was alluded to in an opinion piece. It basically says that our democracy is being undermined by wealth, the wealth of a few acting in their own self interests. In an era of information these kinds of revelations are going to continue and will be both constructive and destructive. It will continue to contribute to the apathy and cynicism that people feel myself included, about the system that governs us. 


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