Preparation For A Small Adventure

Life allows for instances that can be anticipated. When they first appear as ideas, a glimmer, an inkling that it can be possible to experience a performance in this case. This happens against a backdrop of “normal life”. A life that is the result of things settling into a pattern or a rhythm as these things tend to do. The daily cycle of getting up and putting in the time at your shift and then back home in order to repeat this over again. This regularity serves as comfort for many. A stability that is needed in order for the mind to function in a calm and regular fashion. Yet it drives some people crazy while others are driven mad when this regularity falls apart. 

Monotony in my case is both welcomed and abhorred. On the one hand it makes it easier to plan and budget on the other it’s kinda boring. This regularity has to be broken up sometimes. Recently it was a pub excursion next it’s going to be a concert. It has been in the pipeline for a while now ever since something told me to try to get to see it. I had to get myself a hotel for the night and figure out the logistics of getting there and back. All these things are sorted now. It’s a tight itinerary and hopefully it all works out. 

The next question that has to be asked is what to take with me. It’s essentially just a change of clothes. There was hope that I’d maybe get a chance to wear a different coat but looking at the weather it’s not going to be raining for the next couple of days. 

I’m trying to type right now but there is this woman who is wingin’ to her friend about parking. Apparently there was some sort of issue this morning regarding getting out of her drive. Her neighbor or someone who was staying at her neighbors house parked in such a way as to prevent her from getting out of her house. Worst of all they wouldn’t get up and move the car when she knocked at the door. The small houses and the small lanes on top of multiple cars per household are creating a problem. She was quite animated and the volume and pitch of her voice have affected my concentration. 

I’m ready for tonight however. Picked up the train tickets this morning and even though I stayed up late talking with Barbs I still got enough rest. She told me that I’m too cautiously optimistic when I told her that even though I’m looking forward to seeing this concert I don’t want to be dissapointed. It will be a good concert. 

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