Humdrum Monotony

In order to have some excitement in life sometimes it has to be created. Then there is being careful what you wish for. Furthermore, if there isn’t anything to say then don’t say anything at all.

There is a bit o’ boredom that I’m trying to deal with. The work is not that challenging but at least when my colleagues come around it makes things a bit more interesting. I shouldn’t really be whingin about anything as I’m in a place that has provided me pretty much everything that I wanted as far as work conditions and pay are concerned. I could do without the travel but it’s not that bad.

I have also started a project that while it is a bit tedious right now I’m sure that I’ll get the hang of it and become more proficient at it as time goes on. It is the time that it is taking. Being here as a solitary man, time itself becomes an abstraction. When should I start counting down and to what day? I guess Christmas is only about nine months away. That doesn’t seem that bad. It’s like a gestation period. Maybe I’ll be reborn or at least metamorphosized into something beyond my current form. How much do I have to change and how much has to change around me? My environment and my dedication to a goal.

Sometime later…

Just listening to some music having finished eating and watching the end of a series about China. It was the BBC series that traced the history of China from its early beginnings to the present day. I get spaced out listening to the beginning of this mix and I think about the meaning of the words as they relate to me. Bobbing my head a little as the pace of the beat is exactly the speed I’m operating on. I’m actually sitting at a desk conscious of my posture because I don’t get enough of sitting all day long.

Tracking me consumption has lead me to some insights already. According to the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) levels I should be getting more potassium. It just takes a few minutes to enlighten. Adblocker was going a bit crazy with that one. This talks about some of the insights one gets from tracking all the food that one puts into their body. This stuff is probably boring to some. It was for me for a while but changes have happened. Maybe that little pep in my step may be contributing to these motivations.

The story of China over its vast four thousand year history shows how the cycles of destruction and renewal have followed a people through time. How some rulers were wise and benevolent and how in time there were rulers who were more concerned with themselves than with the common folk. The common folk can take a lot but eventually there is nothing more to lose and the wall feels cold against the back. There will always be more ordinary than extraordinary. Most just want to live a good life…

Had a chat with my flatmate… He wants to have a good life but circumstances have been different. His life growing up in Libya was spent studying and learning to be a doctor. That effort paid off but it had a cost. Tradition and custom are at odds with hopes, desires, and needs. We relayed some of our experiences as we sat in the kitchen. My food was in the oven cooking. I told him to listen to his intuition. One can’t completely escape from what has been learned from an early age. In many ways the traditional conservative roles don’t vary that much surprisingly. The patriarchal system and puritanical gender roles run deep in these customs. It is a far cry from the supposed liberation that Western Societies enjoy. That conservative bent exists everywhere even in our own society. He would like to have fun but would like to settle down as well. Then there is the anxiety of finding the right partner. Then the circle of what one wants and what one gets and is this right and on and on…

Bit of excitement this morning when I realized me forgot to set the alarm. At first there was a panic but that quickly subsided. I’d get there a few minutes late regardless of how much I rush. The next train is in an hour. No worries when I got there five minutes late. No worries when I understand the deapths of the situation facing the department. Everything is fixable it just needs the go ahead to get err dun. 


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