Cold Front

There is something moving in from the north and the forecast for the end of the week brings the ominous possibility of snow. Yesterday, on Wednesday there was a brief time when it actually snowed. The small particles of frozen water being driven by random gusts if wind. People walked inside shivering the scene was a wonderful sight. It was too warm however for the snow to stick and blanket the topography with its whiteness. 

The workday was supposed to be a crazily busy day but it didn’t turn out that way. Each patient came through almost like clockwork and there was even time for a small little break when the snow was observed. With no internet inside the control room pacing back and forth became a common activity as the machine acquired the counts for each study. 

There is something about the grey sky that dampens the mood. All in all it was a good day with periodic bouts of laughter as we bantered about the day. Getting back to the flat was a misery though. Stepping out of the building the grey skies and the wind driven rain immediately removed the joy of the previous moments. Waiting there and checking the clock and waiting for a bus that was late once again. This wasn’t a good day for that tardiness. There was a daughter with her mom waiting there. The kid had some kind of hyperactivity problem as she kept picking on her mom laughing as she attempted to touch her face and grab her jowl. There was something about their interaction that irritated me. I tried to ignore them and just watch the traffic but as we were in a queue they were in my line of sight as I checked for the approaching bus. The bus finally came and as it was late the consequence was that I missed my early train home. I was looking forward to catching that train. 

Back at the flat it was time to have dinner and make me lunch for the next day. It wasn’t going to be a tuna sandwich but one filled with ham, sausage, cheese, lettuce and tomato. It looks really good and this helps to keep me motivated to continue this activity. My insides feel better now no longer flatulent to the degree that they were when I was consuming the cafeteria food. Once dinner and all the rest of the associated chores were complete I sat down to enter the meals that I consumed on the first of March. 

Taking a closer look at me diet is going to be a useful excercise. You are what yo eat they say. Much of what I have consumed lately has been things that I didn’t make. There are a lot of ready meals that are thrown into the oven or microwave or things from the cafeteria. The move toward healthier options by the major vendors has made the ready meal choices a lot more palatable. There are a few that I’d gladly eat again. This is all because of necessity as I am essentially living out of one suitcase. There are only so many things I can carry and what I have has to fit into it. Fortunately many of the places I’ve been living in have some basic amenities all of poor quality but available nonetheless. I’m an urban survivalist lol. 

So what this excercise is showing me are aspects of life that I have studied but never really explored deeply. Maybe it’s my advancing age and my desire to live a long life with someone that I’ve found. It’s also the need to find an activity to occupy my time as just sitting there in my room waiting for a video or a page to load has become frustrating. Most of all this topic has become fascinating to me. It is in context of the other thing I would like to track a bit better and that is finances. 

I toyed with the idea of using an app to do all of these things but I decided against it. If I work out a system then the data entry will not be too difficult or time consuming. There is the added benefit of actually seeing what is there as something always catches ones attention as did an inconsistency in some of the labeling. 

Time is a precious commodity and learning is a valuable excercise. The learning is something I never stopped but have gone away from the methodology due to other interests that grew in prominence. There was a time of leisure where the mind had a time to just relax and breathe. It was a time to recouperate and reimagine what life is. Those first three years abroad were when that happened. I feel fortunate now that things have fallen into place like they have. I believe that the foundations for a future have been laid and they are solid. Now it’s time to build an edifice worthy of this foundation. 

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