Time, March On, 28 Days Later, Evolution

There is this need to track my activities and to then track my consumption. This is not a disease of some kind but a way of discerning what life consists of these days. There is nothing else of interest right now and it is a way of keeping my idle hands busy to keep them out of the playground.

This will be the last time that I have a period of time that is just my own. I am looking forward to sharing life with someone and endeavor to make now as great as I can. Why is it that I write these words? Why spend all the time revealing parts of my life to friends but also strangers? I hope that someone somewhere will find a commonality with my experiences or will find solace in that same struggle. I find that life is interesting and worth living. It is worth fighting for and its worth trying to do your best even if sometimes there seems to be no immediate reward.

Before I forget I’d like to send out a big congrats to Polly and Bernie on their new addition to their family. I’m happy for them and I wish their and then much health and joy!

Yeah, back to my world. Two cameras were down this morning. I had visions of leaving work early and just having a lazy day off. That didn’t happen though. The service guy was in to fix the first one that broke yesterday and as soon as it was fixed I got down to business making up all that lost time. Time buzzed along nicely until the every end of the day.

Today started off differently though. It was the first day when I brought in my food. I had a banana, two packs of yoghurt and a prepared fruit portion. For lunch I had two tuna sandwiches and I bought an apple juice. I made my coffee into the cup and into the new Thermos. I must admit that the volume that this thing holds is a bit small 0.47L. More than one refill but way short of two. That is the magic number of refills that I need. I guess buying one cup is better than two if I need to. It’s funny how bad food can spur one to make changes. I’ve been fortunate I guess that everywhere I’ve worked over the past ten years has had decent food to go out to for lunch. 

After work I made another stop at a super shop in order to get food for the next couple of days. I need more lunch material and I need a few dinner dishes. As always I came out of the store with more than I expected. These weren’t excessive things but things that were needed and will get used nonetheless. 

Dinner consisted of some ribs and a pizza along with a generous portion of carrots and coleslaw. Somehow I feel like this is a way of me focusing on myself and lies within the greater context of how my life has changed and where it is going I hope. Barbs and I had a chance to chat over the interwebs. Me wifi is the shits so I tried using the cellular signal and what a difference that makes! We could see the pores of our skin! I really do wish that we were together right now. I find that talking together really helps me to get to know her better. It is important to know how daily life affects her and how she overcomes these challenges. We are both independent spirits so meshing together while still retaining our individuality is important. These are the things that made us fall for each other to begin with. 

It seems like I have all this time to play with but there isn’t. Morning comes early and factoring in sleep puts a time limit to my activities. Some activities require some time for their adequate completion. 

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