Last Day Sunday

What kind of day will this be? I thought to myself as I rolled out of bed and got ready and headed into work. It’s bitter sweet. On the one hand the end of a fun ride and on the other the beginning of another adventure. That is how I have to think about it. 

I chewed on my breakfast sandwich at the worldwide coffee chain. There were words that I was going to write down as I saw the lonely souls shuffling from one place to another at six thirty in the morning. That’s what time I was hoping to be here instead it was six forty-five and I was just beginning to dig into this sandwich and I like to set in a few minutes early when I open up. Easing into the workday at a relaxed pace and having a quick perusal of the day ahead stretching and setting things up just how like it. It is the last day so might as well make the most of it. 

There are two magnets in the department. Number One, where I was yeaserday has had its stereo busted for the past month. Someone managed to hook up something for the patients to listen to but is techs can’t hear anything except the drone of the machine. Today I was on Number Two. The control room configuration is different and most importantly the stereo works. We have it tuned to Radio Paradise an Internet radio station. It plays things that the patients as well as us operators could enjoy without commercial interruption. 

Help, or relief in the form of a colleague wouldn’t show up until eleven. Until then it was me, the orients and the magnet. The other being staffed by another in the same situation. I had to be on my toes. The first few cases while going smoothly could have been a lot worse. There were some issues in the form of billing and protocols that had to be done in the correct manner. It saved me some headaches. 

The cases themselves weren’t the easiest but they proceeded along smoothly. We tried to get an inpatient in from upstairs for what we believed to be an important case. They were not in their room however. So much for needing to be in the hospital. There are many other cases that were stacked but we didn’t quite have enough time to get to do them. We needed things to get vetted as well as needing them to be supervised. They are all semi urgent as they are stable for now and Monday there will be time to do them. We called in patients anyways that agreed to be on short notice. We got something done in that time. 

As busy or whatever we were the day was dragging on somewhere in the middle there. During coffee I got a card and a coffee card for the staff as a thank you. I have enjoyed my time with them. What lays ahead of me is unknown to a degree. There are some prospects that are taking shape and I will have to take the best opportunity that I can. I have some ideas and let’s see if they pan out. I think I will be on the road within the UK at the beginning. It will give me the chance to see places other than London. It will be beneficial for me. At a certain point I’ll return to London to live and work for a while all the while I’ll be researching some prospects. I will once again have to live frugally in order to maximize my plan to minimize my debts. I want to loosen the yolk that has been dragging me down. 

Anyways, the day continued and the cases were dealt with swiftly and efficiently. My partner this weekend was working on a presentation that I will miss out on this Thursday. It’s on Marfans syndrome which is a connective tissue disorder that gives those who have it particular features like great height, aracnodactyly and most importantly for us aortic dilation due to the problem with fibrinogen-1 protein. She was powering through it using a case as an illustrative example of the condition. We have many such cardiac cases as this is a world class cardiac centre. 

My colleague was trying to send me off early but the case that she had coming up had mobility issues due to their stroke. I wanted to at least help her get them onto the scanning bed before leaving. I also wanted to write a note to my boss thanking him for giving me the opportunity to perform MRIs this past seven months. It allowed me to brush up on this skill so that I could feel comfortable sitting behind the controls of a magnet and scanning. 

At the flat I chatted a bit with my flatmate and then left to go on a walk to stretch out the legs. These long shifts had my butt in a chair for too long. The night isn’t that bad out. The temperature is mild and there is no rain falling. I had a long convo with my bro. He told me that I’ve been spending too much time with the girl and he doesn’t have a chance to spend some time with me. He said all of this in a half joking manner as he has been busy finishing and studying for his school. He’s had a whole bunch of tests but we managed to set a date when we will visit the folks. That will be on Tuesday. I have a busy schedule ahead of me. Every day this week is booked already. Let’s see how it goes. 

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