Difficult Title Saturday

Tough waking up this morning. Trudging into work with coffee in hand and what passes as a breakfast sandwich in stomach. There was a happy greeting in the morning from a colleague that I haven’t worked with in a while. We have a good time working together. Then there was a bonus when another colleague who is still training came in to practice the special studies. Unfortunately there was only one booked today. 

 We had some challenging cases in the morning and it was good to have an extra body. There was a reboot of one of the magnets. The auto voice wouldn’t work. It’s strange that that one program wouldn’t load properly. It’s just a script…

There were a lot of cases today that challenged following the reboot. Once the late shift showed up there was no end to the banter between all of us. We helped each other out by grabbing cases if we were ahead of schedule. At different points in the day we were trading that title. 

One of the things that got me down a bit is the breaking of the camera that has been with me for a while now. I tried some of the suggestions that I found on the web and so far none of them have worked. I can see through the viewfinder but the pictures turn out black. There is something that broke that prevents the image from being captured. The shutter opens and closes fine. I don’t have the time for a repair shop. So I was browsing and… I’m torn. 

There are always other matters that weigh on ones mind. Maybe I’ll try to express them when I have the time. I should get some rest for tomorrow is another thirteen hour day. My last day at work before I leave. 

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