Wandering Mind Wonders

Prescidence, there must be others who analyze of have thought about their present predicament and have come to a conclusion that propelled them somewhere. Meditation, the act of calming and silencing the mind, relaxing the body and finding insight somehow. Consciousness the concept of self awareness and the awareness of the perceived reality encompassing being. 

Yeah there have been thoughts meandering through the mind. Somehow there is always a return to foundations in order to see if they are still as solid as when first erected. What are these foundations and what is the structure that now stands on them. Like the article on adulthood I read recently it really depends on the frame of reference that one is looking from. There are the material foundations that the corporeal portions of us need in order to sustain life. Those material needs like food and shelter can take on grandiose proportions or be scraps and a small dry alcove away from the rain.

But there are those other foundations that many in the world find difficult to grasp since they are ephemeral concepts prone to misinterpretation yet fundamental to society. Certain traditions and concepts are powerful enough to become religion even though some don’t believe in a supreme diety at all. That emotion of love and all that it motivates as well as the pursuit of happiness sometimes these things are excusive and sometimes not. These things form a part of the foundation giving structure and form to the myriad of shapes and experiences exposed to each day. 

Perception, the recognition of a pattern within a seemingly random set of variables. I recognize the experience for what it is and am greatful for it but dismayed that it doesn’t conform to my ultimate desire. There is an incongruity that is disparallel that would eventually come apart. That however doesn’t mean that it isn’t what I think it is and that it has had a great benefit of showing me what joy can be. At least for this short little while could be. 


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