The Wisdom of Fortune

The wisdom of fortune cookies is the same kind of wisdom that you get from reading your horoscope. It tells you exactly what you need to hear without specifically telling you anything in particular. The mind races to connect all those far flung parts into a coherent immediate insight through the simple act of reading those words. Those words act as a filter that pulls the substance of thought through into an immediate perception.  



I’ve finally begun to sort out my possessions. The first order of business was just a general clean up. I have a habit of keeping the content of my fortune cookies and taping them into a book that I’ve had for a while. This book has some of my earliest writings. In fact it’s a volume that I’ve never finished. I just started to paste things in there that came inside a cookie. All those fortunes from all those years have said something positive to me. 
As I’ve begun to dust off the contents off the shelves I’ve disturbed the memories that have come from looking at pictures. I’ve taken too long to do this. I’ve taken too long to look at all these distant parts and some of the memories that shaped my life. I see the potential of that time and recognize that I struggled to realize it and continue to this day. 

I cut out a piece of paper to frame each individual fortune that I wanted to take a picture of. It is way to focus on each one and what it has to say. Some are incredibly accurate especially considering that most of the ones I took a picture of were recieved since I got back here to Vancouver. Now they can symbolize the changes that are about to take place. They can now claim to be prophetic even though I know that their occurrence is random. I’ve received the same fortune a couple of times and I wonder now if they have any more significance. 
Now is the time indeed. It’s time to live life to the fullest contributing and expressing and growing into the ultimate version of oneself. This is the spirit of the fortune cookie. It is meant to inspire one to the highest levels of aspiration to make one see that there is a positive side always even amidst the gloom of our everyday existence. Maybe that’s not how everyone sees it but I find that element there inside each fortune that I read. Sometimes adding the term “in bed” for a laugh. 

Having someone to confide in has been a true blessing. Being able to express oneself freely as well as accepting someone else’s true expression is enlightening. Until the words are spoken and listened to there is a part that has some anxiety about expressing those words. Having someone that listens and understands has been a blessing right now. I’ve come to understand that doing the same naturally allows for a freer clearer more intimate conversation. The past few months have been euphoric and happy. It gives me hope that such people exist and that they, that she has been willing to share the time together. 

I was on my way to visit Barbs. I was to pick up some take away and then bus it the rest of the way. Even though it was already December I still had the ‘stache. The weather was miserable but that didn’t really matter. I had timed it so that I wouldn’t make it there before a particular time. With the take out in hand it was just a couple of stops on one bus and one stop on the B-Line. I’ve had some air and had pleasant thoughts on my mind. While I was waiting for the food to be ready there was a plethora of busses passing by. When I got to the stop I had to wait. The next bus was kind of full and I managed to get on somehow. I had manicured the ‘stache to make it look good. After a month of growing it had begun to get into my mouth and itch at the corners of my lips. After trimming it actually looked and felt better. There was a woman that got onto the bus just before me and we ended up standing facing each other. I stood there like most people kind of looking around starring at times and avoiding eye contact. But you know when someon is looking at you. You can feel it and out of the corner of my eye I could see those piercing green eyes starring at it. As I shifted my gaze towards her last she quickly looked away caught like a deer in headlights. I was going to say something but I found myself with the giggles. It was all I could do to prevent myself from laughing. Mercifully the stop was really close.  Somehow turned around and got off. 

The next day as I was walking home I caught another woman look and then kind of have a smirk on her face. Not to mention Barbs and her love of the ‘stache. I was glad to bring joy and happiness through its presence on my face. Sometimes I imagined it as a throwback to the Wild West cowboy era. Upon cleaning it up it felt like a debonair gentlemanly accent to my face. It’s only good for a limited time though. As fun as it is to get the attention I wonder if I’ll get the same without it there. Probably not šŸ¤”šŸ˜.


It is now a few days into December and I should continue to do some of the organizing that I started to do. Too much to do and not enough time. 


You’ll never get the fortune that says “you will have enough time to do everything you desire…”

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