Dayz Since

There is just enough time to just come up for mental air before diving straight back into the thick of it. Now there are the responsibilities to take care of. Working for the man. Working for myself dealing with the kinks that develop through time. Certainly not sitting back. 

The trouble with business however is that there wasn’t the time to write. On the bank holiday Monday I had a shift. It was advantageous financially to take it. It went as smoothly as it could have gone. Busy with unexpected occurrences but it went well. The night spent on the phone in conversation. With various characters within my life. Then each successive night more of these conversations have followed. 

Each successive morning it was time to go in ready to face the unknown of the slate with the surprises that come with its wake. Those ripples migrating and affecting all things including the times I would eat. There is a constant rush to go from one event to the next. So finally on a random Thursday off there is time to decompress and deconstruct the events that have passed. So it makes me think of the way that tenticles entrench themseles with slowly growing appendages. Like people that enter lives and plant the seeds of their being within you. It is all so temporary and yet has a lasting effect. 

I wonder how these new forces will affect my inertia. The weather had a soothing effect on these thoughts. Throughout the day as I finished writing “Baptism and Thanksgiving” I thought of the way things have changed. There were some lessons learned. There were some observations made. There were some experiences. There is me being vague. 

In time this will all make sense and the determination to come out on top will not be jinxed by some supposed pop star curse. It will overwhelm like the sweet swing of the bat propelling the jays to victory. That emotional determination. There is always hope as long as there is still some time remaining. 

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