Slow March of Progress

Mercifully the week comes to an end. It was just one of those weeks. One of those weeks where things just don’t work as smoothly as they should. There was the psychic storm that was also brewing offshore and this weekend it will figuratively and literally blow onshore. I learned a lot and have found some solace in the decisions to move life in a different direction. 

Lately there has been a preponderance of gravitationally enhanced clients in my care. One day in particular proved to be challenging in that way. I had overtime because of the way things worked out. All day every day I was running behind trying to catch up and then finally telling my clients that I had to take a break. Those few minutes lifting my spirits enough to know that it wouldn’t be long now the day is almost done. 

I encountered limitations in my abilities and in the way that the change in personnel has changed the capabilities of the department. The dynamics are different and I think that soon these changes will continue. There is an air of discontent. 

Words have been harder to find lately. There has been a milestone that has been reached however. I celebrated by clumsily taking a screenshot of the momentous occasion. (#200posts) Sometimes it is also celebrated in the personal physical transformation that is also taking place. One positive of afternoon shifts is the time before work spent performing sets to help pass the time. Starting in the mornings next week will change that. Unless…

In preparation of tomorrow’s baptism I realized that I needed a new pair of trousers. I find myself using that word a lot more lately. Maybe a bit of nostalgia starting to creep in. The other side syndrome. I tried to wait out the rain but there is no discernible end to the cloud that hangs over the city. It is more of a system. I had breakfast I made my way to an outlet that I know has what I’m looking for. The assistance was helpful as I zeroed in on on a pair  that fit well. I knew as soon as I put them on. Out of curiosity I even experimented with a pair a size smaller. A pleasant surprise even though I didn’t get that pair. 

I’m having trouble concentrating here at this coffee shop. The pair behind me are having a conversation that is quite interesting. They are not hiding the topic. Maybe the loudness of the conversation has to do with the confidence they have in exploring the deapths of their sexual behavior. The wiser older man and the curious eager woman. What lies within this hyper sexualized behavior and the exploration of these ideas between these two. Sentances no longer make sense. It’s actually quite an adult conversation. This has been another theme this week… Weird conversations happening around me. Did I just hear “knife play”? 

I should move on from here. 

The skytrain is filled with people but I manage to find a seat. Everyone always wants to congregate around the entrances. Shit I think someone farted or is it just bad b.o.? Now on my way back. 

It’s been a while since the last paragraph. I have a five thirty a.m. pick up tomorrow. I should finish this and go. 

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