Return of Rain

There is some time before the start of the next shift. I’m sitting here enjoying a coffee listening to a conversation next to me. There is a couple of ladies discussing their evolving relationships within their group of friends. Everyone has things that have been happening in their lives. One of them is becoming a bit excited as the flow of verbiage increases. She has a few good points however. She is in a different place in life. There are contentious issues that have come up. Now they are onto Instagram….

As an observer sitting here trying to collect my thoughts I can’t help but overhear what they are discussing. It has become quite loud. There is a bit of well quite a lot of criticism. 

Energy is not quite at the level that it usually is. Sometime in the middle of the night there was some kind of a commotion happening in the parking lot or the building behind us. At some point some guy ran out of our building in a frenzied state. Another guy who seemed to be passing by stayed around and took the occasional photo of what was going on. The trees and their leaves blocked the view from my bed. Couldn’t be bothered to get up and find a better vantage point. At some point in the night I noticed the cop car parked in the alley way. 

The rain has returned and sitting here in the coffee shop window admiring the view. The murmur of the various conversations blends well with the eighties music that is playing in the background. Time to begin another shift. 😀😐

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