My First Canucks Game

The early autumn weather has been nice. My day was spent essentially walking around outside. I feel it in my feet today. Ever since my move closer to work there hasn’t been as much opportunity to walk around. I miss that. 


A few days ago a friend asked if I wanted to go to a preseason Canucks game with her. She got tickets from work as a bonus for doing her job well. 

We were supposed to meet by one of the gates. When I asked one of the attendants where it was she asked if I was sure that is the right one as it is one of the busiest. It wasn’t entirely all that bad. I found some space to wait in and it wasn’t long before we were in the “airport” type security line up trying to get in. 


This is my first Canucks game that I’m going to. It seems surprising to say but in all the time that I’ve been here in Vancouver I’ve never had the chance to attend a game. 

We had pretty good seats and proceeded to have a chat as we watched the Canucks get outplayed in the first two periods before watching them score in the third. They ended up winning 1-0! From the rumors in the press there is t much hope in a championship run this year. Some old friends of mine were sitting in the stands up above us. It was good to see them my friend also ended up seeing a friend on the way back home. It was a fun night. 


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