Afterwards a Bit o’ Clarity

Maybe some of that release helped ease a troubled soul. The burden and weight on the chest made it difficult for the mind to focus on what the eyes see in front of them. That’s the thing about choices and about moving forward after falling down and getting back up. Brush off that dirt that soiled the stainless garment of your skin. Wake up and ingest the tasty morsels that sustain the cells that fuel your motions. 

In a troubled world those beacons of hope become the dreams around which we congregate. Daily routines are the chains from which we want to break free. Daily routines that are a burden are the shackes which we pry with tools in hopes of shedding that weight. We try to find a way while still contributing pieces of ourselves for the greater good. We are not happy to realize that we have become manipulated into a false sense community and patriotism. What good is it if we stand up to be heard only to be picked off by anonymous forces hiding behind the veil of secrecy that sees its citizens as an enemy. Who whispers in our leaders ears the commands that they follow? 

I have found my shackes and the forces that hinder and resist my progress. My treasures were sought and found so it has taken and will take longer to find than if they were gifted or brought to me. To make dreams reality takes more ingenuity since the resources aren’t easily accessible or available to my disposal. 

Take a deep breath and close your eyes before taking that plunge. I’ve felt that moment of anxiety and nervousness and faced it with a stoic mysticism and come through on the other side. There will come a time to take that plunge again. 


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