Fifth Day at Work

Saturday… Not a day usually reserved for employment but the world doesn’t stop for the weekend. There are things that have to be done. In my line of work that comes part and parcel with the job description. Who wants a nine to five Monday to Friday anyways? It’s an asymmetric life that affords a different type of lifestyle one that is in tune with only some. The majority have those ties with each other I’ve entered or exited that life for another type of professional life. 

It was a warm day some would say it was kind of hot. I don’t disagree. There were plenty of shorts in this abandoned city this weekend. Who could blame people for wanting to get out into the countryside to enjoy time by the lake or a river or any body of water that happens to be nearby. I watch with the other eye what is going on back in the UK. What am I missing there? I can’t think about that right now. I don’t know where I would have been. Besides it is nice out here. 

I’m listening to this weeks waveform podcast. Got distracted trying to get the link inserted. Going back to the island tomorrow early in the morning. There is an anniversary party for my in-law’s business. We are trying to catch the early ferry across. I don’t know what to expect when I get there. I’m hitching a ride with strangers whom I will get to know. 

I’m trying to put more out there but with a job now this is a bit more difficult. There is only so much I could say about the cases that I deal with. Some of it is intense. Like the one young man who was investigated today and it didn’t look good. On the other hand I’m surprised at what has come back to me after stepping away from this discipline. The stuff that I’m doing is really interesting. The question I will set aside for now focusing on learning again and becoming proficient at what I do. There are opportunities all around. 

I feel like I’m still on vacation. I may be working but I have to. No fun without funds. Can’t be aimless for ever and some plan will form. A scheme to accomplish yet another set of goals. True desire has to be created from the variety of ingredients added to the pot. The little intuitions and far out desires that populate the constant stream of thoughts like a ticker tape spewing from the machine as consciousness examines it for clues. It’s the masterpiece inside the marble that just needs the chisel to set it free. Tap tap tapping away to reveal the vision inside. 

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