77 Lazy Sunday in Kobe

Every day is different and I’ve learned to listen to my internal guide for direction as to what to do. Today just seemed like a lazy day. The streets were quiet like a deep hangover gripped the entire city. I fell under this spell and decided to capitulate and do the same. 

It’s been a long time since I watched something. As I started reading and surfing the web sitting in a cafe it became clear to me that this is what I should do. There was no draw for me to see anything around here. I looked at the places I wanted to go to in Kyoto and Tokyo and there was no equivalent here. 

The room although a bit small is big enough for me to be comfortable in. I could read to my hearts content and I found a documentary to watch The Transcendant Man. It traces the evolution of technology and how we will become a singularity with it. It is a utopian view espoused by Ray Kurtzweil. There were consending views that contrasted this but the truth of the matter is that we don’t really know how this will turn out.  

In some ways this theme is appropriate being here in Japan. They have learned to wield technology to enhance their lifestyle into the advanced state that it is. I’m trying to find my place in this place and so far it has been hit and miss so in order to increase my chances it is important to prepare and see the places that I should really see. I stayed here in this city maybe a day too long. It would have been better spent exploring Kyoto but one makes do with what you get and having this day to relax and just read was time well spent. 

From the news it seems like I left Seoul just in time. Here is a quarantine happening for individuals that potentially came into contact with people with MERS. This is a particularly nasty virus with a reported high mortality rate. This rate will come down I think as the disease spreads. They are using these measures to stop its spread. The other thing of interest is the overturned boat in the Yangzee River. We were on that river in a boat going through the locks to see the dam. It’s sad that so many perished in what appears to be a freak storm. As someone in the China group said “this place is one bandaid away from falling apart.” I wouldn’t take it that far but there are unscrupulous people all over the place that take shortcuts in the name of profit. The extremes of any situation will bring out the shortcomings and often end in disaster. 

I am a news junkie by nature and on this trip I have ignored it as much as possible. Things haven’t really changed much. Although it’s only been a couple of months. I read about Canada a bit more to see what I am getting myself into. When I left the dollar was strong and now it’s weak. The housing market is as tense as it was before. There were grumblings then as there appear to be now. I’m glad I at least have a job to get back to so I might be alright. It will give me a chance to really think if I want to stay and deal with that BS or the shit I just left. 
I think the day was needed not just for my body but also for my mind. I needed to have it be inspired a bit and settled because as the days for my return approach it suddenly has turned to look into the future and not just the present and the past. I’ve got to make something happen in order to succeed and not just survive. I’d really like to make a bigger contribution to this world and not just glide my way through life. 

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