72 Japanese Style in Fukuoka

I just had a dinner at some strangers house. We are not strangers anymore but people that regardless of our language barrier managed to get to know each other. 

The question that came to mind as I sit here on the metro back to my hotel is what were your first impressions of me? Would you invite me back to your house to share a dinner? Was I friendly enough or a bit aloof? Did we have enough in common? Did you like me? Did you want to know more about who I am? Am I interesting enough? 

These questions come now as the flow of words comes pouring out as this couple was nice enough to host me at her place. It was a modern house with traditional interior design. The food that was served kept coming round after round as did the wine and the sake at the end. I can’t emphasize enough how nice these people were. Takako was the host and cook and her partner Kazuo was my consumption partner. We shared a lot of laughs tonight despite them being twice my age on average. 

Takako started the conversation with me as I was lost and wondering in the street taking some photos as I went along. She liked that I was from Canada and that I was just a few hours into my Japan trip/experience. She kind of insisted that I take her number and call her. Then she implied that I should come over to her place for dinner today. She would serve me a traditional Japanese meal. As I said before I couldn’t refuse so at six o’clock sharp I was at the spot she wanted me to be. I think there was some confusion as I wansn’t at the gate but at the exit upstairs. I realized my mistake and met her partner downstairs. 

Through out broken languages we communicated the mistake as we walked along the street to Takako’s house where we would eat. She greeted us with open arms and showed off her house. I didn’t pull out my camera at once I just wanted to respect her and her house. I didn’t want to be a tourist with my camera hanging out ready for the smnap. I figured I’d be the guest first and eat what she made for us to dine on. 

Somehow despite the language barrier we comunicated well. I got to know about their history and they on mine as well. I learned they’re both widowers and that they are good friends. I learned she likes Eastern Europe and has visited there as well. I ate a fish I can’t remember the name of as well as some salad and some tempura and of course some sushi amongst other things. We finished two bottles of wine and then some sake as well not bad for an eighty year old I must say. 

The house and her garden were beautiful. It had the sophistication and simplicity we are all looking for…

I lost my train of thought as I was hustled along from my spot out of the rain. I composed most of this as I sat on the train back towards the hotel. As I sat composing the last paragraph or two in the cover of a vestibule outside some western store the guard told me to move it along. What else could I do but comply with his wishes the rain is falling down hard and I decided to go back to the hotel there is no point in fighting the man over some cover away from the rain. 

I’m back in the hotel and decided to sit in the bar downstairs in the hotel that I’m in. I kind of have a posh place to stay. The guy back in Seoul approved of my choice. I can clearly see why as its right in her heart of the city with shops downstairs to serve as a spot. You know that counting the stay in Canadian dollars it would seem quite a lot but compared to London prices it’s not quite that much. A price in some hostel sharing the room with some foreign people does not seem to suit my current mood. I’m not some high class fool I just like comfort right now. I got a deal which isn’t much difference from a hostel night’s stay. 

I’m sitting at a bar like you see on TV with some single foreign woman and bartenders in suites. I like this kind is sophistication as pretentious as it may be. This is their job after all they are just doing their bit. Abstract Jazz is playing in the background and the place has the waft of cigarette smoke up in the air. We sit here in the dark contemplating our fate I wish the woman beside me spoke better in French 😉. She’s drinking the whiskey that’s what she prefers she’s pulling out another pack she may not leave soon. 

I liked the way the bartender made the drinks served without a straw and blended to perfect taste. This is a bar after all so it’s not made with haste. I can’t remember well maybe I can when I’ve felt this good sitting back and enjoying a drink. The translator app works fine with the connection I have here. We shared a few laughs before she had to leave. Thanks to the bar staff for encouraging our encounter helping it push along. 

This day wasn’t filled with sigh seeing per se. I had a coffee in the morning and composed my brief from yesterday. I went to the train station and got my travel sorted and it was easier than I thought it would be. I figured out the places I wanted to be before ordering the tickets to the places I’d like to see. Within fifteen minuites I had all that I needed and went on my way. It seed way too easy I was dumbfounded when I left the station with what to do next. 

The rain made my choice wasy I would get my umbrella and test out the gadget I got earlier that day. It was a wifi transmitter for a mini SD card and I’m glad I gave it a test. It didn’t work out the way I had planned. So before heading out to dinner I went back to the store and got it exchanged for something that worked. 

It was a good day and as the rum starts to kick in I’ll say sayonara and go have my rest. 

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