46 Going Back to Bangkok



Checked into my flight and got my boarding pass. There is still about ninety minutes to go before the plane takes off. There is nothing else to do except wait for the processes to complete their function before boarding. There is a sleepy pace to everything. Heat may have a lot to do with it. The breeze mildly cooler than the ambient temperature is welcome whenever it decides to blow. I’m munching on an oddly flavored snack that is surprisingly delicious. Every morsel of crispy goodness absorbing the liquids and releasing flavor as it mushes with every motion of my jaw. I wonder how long it’s going to take to pass through passport control. It’s a tricky debate I keep having until something says go. 


I made it through passport control quite quickly. I don’t really know what I’m worried about it’s not like I’m going to the states as when entering them one never knows what to expect. The pat downs and the intrusive questions are something I expect when I will be entering China in a few days. I expect it to be an interesting experience. Entering Cambodia I expected it to be much more intense than it turned out to be. I just had to pay an extra two dollars because I didn’t have a picture. I joked with the British couple in front of me that my visa was cheaper as their pictures probably cost more. They had a crisis in line as her pen stopped working and they both had to borrow a pen to quickly scribble in their details on the entrance and customs forms. 

 There is a passenger that is holding up a flight by not reporting for boarding. Their name is hard to pronounce and the woman announcing it keeps repeating the name over and over. There are multiple language spoken to get the persons attention. They closed the door to the plane and will be leaving the tarmac soon. The beers last night have slowed me down a little. I can see the turbo prop plane that will take me to Bangkok arriving. There should be a half hour turnaround as this plane will be returning to Bangkok with me and all the other passengers onboard. I should still have time for a coffee before boarding commences. I’m not going to rush to get onboard. It’s the beauty of choosing your seat. 

I really enjoyed my stay in Cambodia and Siem Reap in general. The temple ruins of Angkor are definitely worth checking out. The city itself has plenty of markets and pubs to let loose in. It has become a tourist mecca and as such the prices are reflected in that. On can definitely do it on a budget though but things add up quickly as a dollar here and a few there get distributed. I am sad however that I somehow lost a chain that I’ve been wearing around my neck. I noticed this in the morning and searched my room to no avail. It had sentimental value and it’s unfortunate that it’s gone. I stopped wearing chains around my neck a lone time ago because of this. It could have slipped off at any time without me noticing. Have to be vigilant but sometimes concentration wanes. 


We are about thirty minutes away from landing in Bangkok. The turbo prop airplane flies significantly lower than the jet airplane. We are cruising at about eighteen thousand feet or about six kilometers. It’s about half the height of a jet’s cruising altitude. A lot more detail can be gleaned from watching the ground pass by when it’s not obstructed by little fluffy clouds. Unexpectedly there was a meal on this flight. Bangkok Airways Asia’s Boutique Airline has made the effort to serve us some food. It was nothing special but it occupied the time and their coffee was pretty good. Under us farmland gave way to forest and now back to farmland again. Curvy roads outline places of elevation and straight ones mean there’s flat ground. Rectangular plots fan out from the roads their density an indication of the lands fertility. 


Bangkok has a great airport. It’s huge but easy to navigate and having been here before I already know my way around it. I had a good flight and on of the unexpected although obvious benefits of flying in a smaller plane is that it’s quick o load and unload. After I passed through immigration my bag was already on the carousel. I made sure to get the right one this time 😉 😄. 


It was a quick journey from the airport to the hotel. It’s amazing how different it is when there is a familiarity with the city. It was pretty hot out and the new hotel I am staying at feels comfortable. I’m just relaxing reading about the city and where I should go tomorrow. I should start quite early as it will be hot tomorrow as well. I need to leave the room at some point soon. I’ll get some food and maybe have a few drinks. I may do a bit of exploration as well I don’t know. Just listening to some music and watching some news to see what is going on in the world. There is an election in the UK today. It looks like there won’t be a clear majority. Things could be different when the tally is counter though. 


Went to check out a mall that houses a lot of electronics so that I could get another SD card. I post only a fraction of the photos I’ve taken. I don’t have the heart to delete them off the cards and it also takes time to sort through them. I figured this would be the cheapest option. In pounds I think I got a fair deal. There are people everywhere shopping and just hanging out. Having a hard time deciding what to eat. There are so many choices. I may go closer to the hotel to do that. 


Had a couple of beers and a meal. Watched the people walking by and had a conversation about those that never leave town. I had thoughts about money and how it quietly shuffles away ducat by ducat in whatever denomination it may be. I feel a bit drained tonight and maybe that’s a good thing as tomorrow will be busy. 

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