Day 37 Samui to Bangkok


On the ferry that we didn’t think we were going to make. The drinking went on late into the night yesterday. Woke up feeling fine though. The morning sunshine is my alarm as always. My circadian rhythm tuned to the motion of the sun or is it the rotation of the planet? 


In the early hours I composed yesterday’s adventure into prose. Memories captured with feeling and descriptive text. Lest I forget the adventures I’ve had. Coffee in the poolside restaurant to escape the heat on the patio adjacent to the room. There were messages to send and a conversation with my brother yet to be had. 


We had breakfast at the Italian place next to the hotel. The charming host was absent from his post but the lady was a nice substitute. Her prompt service with a smile brightened the day. There was laundry to pick up and packing yet to do. With the package sent yesterday it opened up a lot of room. 
How are we going to get to the airport? That was still left to figure out. I asked the staff at the airport and they pointed me in the right direction. I had a choice to make between three different agencies so I picked the one in the middle. They had all their shoes outside somehow I felt it was the right one. They looked at me surprised that I left it this late and made a couple of calls to find me transport that will take us there. We had about two hours to wait.


I had a chat with my brother and he updated me with news of his days. I told him a bit of my adventures but our conversation was short. He’s got responsibilities to attend to and I have my own. We checked out and had lunch and waited for pick up. It seems the minibus was going to be late. It finally arrived and we eagerly jumped on to tribe to the ferry and the crossing awaits. The traffic was bad painfully slow. The fast parts bumpy and the slow parts barely a crawl. Up the road construction blocked progress four lanes to two. When we passed it we flew, dangerously so. The driver skillfully maneuvered around others on the road. A quick registration, tickets, stickers and ribbon to tie on our bags.


Safely on board we’re on our way along with all the other vessels crossing this day. Even the fish is happy to go. I just saw it jumping its silver body glistened in the sun as it jumped out the water most likely for fun. 

Waiting in the airport lounge for the plane to start boarding. It is somewhat miraculous that we made it here on time and breezed through check in and security. 


The catamaran took about thirty minutes to make it to the mainland. I have to keep this in mind when I am coming back. Once we got off the catamaran the bus was waiting for us and within fifteen minutes we were on the road heading to the airport. It took about ninety minutes to make it to the airport. That included a short pit stop at the railway station to drop off a few passengers that were continuing on on the train and not the plane. I joked with the driver that our plane leaves at nineteen-thirty but he just laughed it off saying “ten minutes, ten minutes”. I wasn’t worried either. We were about ten clicks away from the airport at this point. I’ve been tracking my progress with the Thailand app. It didn’t have the airport marked on the map so I added another point to it. I wonder it it will update when I connect to wifi again. For now it’s just a waiting game. The plane should start boarding soon. From the looks of it they start boarding the back of the plane first. I’m actually quite impressed with the efficiency of today’s journey. I was worried for a bit when we hit traffic but the company that got me to the ferry also owns the ferry so they held it until we arrived. 


We landed safely yesterday after a short flight. We got off the plane and picked up our bags and made it to the train that took us downtown close to our hotel. One of the stewardesses on the plane helped us with the name of the station that we should get off at. Once we got to the station we navigated our way to the taxi stand. As we were making our way down the escalator my companion lost her grip on her suitcase and the smooth plastic suitcase started sliding down the escalators steel steps. We yelled out to warn the lady at the bottom to watch out. It made quite a bit of commotion. The lady was alright and the suitcase didn’t look much worse for wear. 



The taxi took a circular route. I was tracking where we were going on the map. He took a wrong turn and I had to direct him where to go. With the recent crackdown by the government there is much more regulation regarding taxi services. Before getting into the cab I got a piece of paper that told me the drivers license as well as the date and time and where to forward my complaint if I had any. 


The hotel room itself is a bit smaller than the ones we had earlier on our trip but it’s pretty decent. We are staying quite centrally in the city on Sukhumvit Soi. It appears to be a district filled with bars and restaurants. After checking in and showering we went out to get some food and a couple of drinks before retiring. It was a long day of travel and today we need to explore the city as much as we can since my companion is leaving tomorrow.



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