Island Tours on the Thirty-Fourth Day

Now that I’m in the habit of posting daily I can’t stop. It’ll go along with all the other habits I have already. Today was one of those days where we felt lazy. In a place such as this productivity is not one of those things that is high on the agenda. That being said we did quite a lot all things considering.  

We had breakfast by the poolside on the patio and discussed what we were going to do and how. Today is our last full day on this island and we wanted to make the most of it. What better way than to visit some islands. The original goal was to go to James Bond Island made famous in one of the films that I’m too lazy to look up. When we got to the tour places we realized that we started this way too late. We settled on visiting Koh Hong and Koh Panak. This was a sunset tour that left at one o’clock ten minutes from now! 


The long drive made us drowsy and the nap that resulted was invigorating. There were six people taking the tour on this boat. The plan was getting to each island and canoeing through the various caves found within followed by dinner on the way back. As we discovered this is a popular way to visit these islands as there are many such tours operating in this area.  

The first set of caves began with a ceremony inside the caves. There was a lit candle with insence that was then places in the water. The caves were quite low and ducking to get through them was sometimes necessary. The lagoons that were contained inside the islands were spectacular. There was a sense of serenity.  

Each of the places we saw had something unique to see. The heavy tourist usage meant that they were not pristine but there wasn’t anyone living there except one hut that I noticed in the distance. Some of the passages were congested with other tourists taking similar tours.  

The whole trip took about six hours and for theist part we thought that it was good value for money. The staff were nice and provided us with a decent meal that was much appreciated by me at least. It was a good trip and watching the water and the islands in the distance pass by stirred up thoughts and conversation.  

Getting back didn’t seem to take as long as getting there. We still had to get our tickets to Koh Samui and I felt a bit rushed as the online option wasn’t available for such short notice. Luckily, we went to the travel agent that got us the Tour and we were able to secure passage to our destination. The hotel is now booked too. As soon as this is posted I have to pack. It’s another early start tomorrow and it looks like the alarm will have to be set.  


One thought on “Island Tours on the Thirty-Fourth Day

  1. Thanks for the tip, when you finish with Thailand let me know which side is the suniest, the hote one and with the best beaxhes. Pukhet , i like your suggestion šŸ™‚


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