Last Day at Work


I began this day  unlike most others. A couple of weeks ago when I decided to visit the Shard  I also reserved a ticket for the next available time I could visit the Sky Garden on Fenchurch  Street. It just so happened to be at 730 in the morning and in my last day at work. My last true chance to navigate through the morning rush hour. I spent 30 min taking pictures admiring the view. It would be a great place to go for breakfast and or a coffee. It was a hazy morning low visibility except for the buildings that are close. Too bad the terrace wasn’t open. 


Came in to work on time had two urgent patients but the doses weren’t ordered so I had to re book all the necessary  pieces and negotiate with the patients about their new appointments. Certainly was’t how I expected to spend my last day. But, I got cake! 😀


The patients understood the circumstances. It pays to be honest. There was a chance that it was going to be done today but that faded quickly as  no drivers were available to deliver the dose. It was a good day though. I spread the love by distributing the cake. It was a really nice gesture from Charlotte. It’s nice to know that people enjoyed our time working together. Lots of hugs. I’m waiting now to see where the day takes me on this last day of work. 

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