Fortune Favors

How long will it take to find out? When will they get back to me regarding my position? Did I get the job? Questions like this swirl as any moment could be the moment that they will give me the word. One way or another I would like to know. Do I have to keep searching for another job? Will I have to send in another application for some other position? I had to check my email. I have to know.

It’s her email address. She couldn’t get a hold of one of my references the email address was wrong. It kept bouncing back whenever she tried to send her query. I checked the address against the one Joe sent me. It was my reference’s work email. I have all of his other personal contact info. I wanted to send out his work email as it is the one that is more appropriate. The one I provided them was clearly wrong. I missed his whole first name. I guess I assumed that it would have been the same as my email was. This just shows that no one has ever checked my references over there in the UK in all of the years that I have worked there.

I figure that it is going to take them at least three or four days to get back to me about the position. I have things here that will keep me busy for a while. There are still a lot of boxes to go through. There is a lot of stuff that needs to be put away. All of it needs to find it’s place. At least this stuff will keep me mind occupied and not thinking about this looming decision that is there over my head. There is a lot riding on this decision. I am really limited regarding where I would find work. There are only these three hospitals and from the sounds of it they share the staff between them.

Monday night we went to a lecture put on by the Law Society at the university. It was a talk given by Grand Chief Derek Nepinak who is the Grand Chief of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs “the largest political advocacy organization in Manitoba” representing over 60 First Nation Communities. He is a former student here at the Law School in this University. He was called up by his tribe to take part in an election for the next Chief. He became the Chief and then years later he was asked to take part in the election for Grand Chief. He was an underdog in both of these elections but managed to win. He spoke about his experiences in life and how he got to where he is. Chrl was hoping that he speak a little bit about the Treaty Negotiation Process that she is interested in and studying presently in school. This is Canada’s deep dark secret the relationship they have with the people that lived on this land way before europeans colonized it. Policies that have historically been slanted against the First Nations people. The treaty negotiations are an ongoing process that has been tied up with many prejudices and tactics that have held the First Nations back. Because of this and especially because of “Residential Schools” the traditions and history of these people have been smeared. The resulting social problems only feed ingrained prejudices that seems to be prevalent in countrysides. The Chief talked about how funding is doled out by the government earmarking monies towards specific things and when spent on something else that money becoming debt that that has to be repaid. These negotiations have far reaching consequences with respect to Law. They have far reaching consequences regarding everybody’s rights. It has to do with equality and doing the right thing. Over time this has become highly politicized. Standing Rock down in South Dakota is related to this as the people there fight over the sovereignty of their land against the interests of corporate groups. It was an interesting talk and I agree with a lot of what was said.

On Tuesday I had to check again when I woke up. I had prepared myself with some coffee and a few trips outside for some fresh air. I wasn’t expecting them to give me an answer. The email was dated from yesterday. It informed me that indeed I have succeeded in gaining employment. Chrl was brushing her teeth when I showed her the message. We were both elated. She looked at me and smiled with some toothpaste dribbling down the side. She quickly rinsed it off and gave me a big hug ‘n’ kiss. A huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I can breathe again. A whole range of emotions goes through your mind when news such as this rushes through all of those synapses. Not only is this an electric rush but a biochemical one as well. Reading the email closely also revealed that I had to get some things done. I had to sign up with the provincial regulatory body, get a criminal record check done as well as numerous induction processes. I promptly sat down and began to get these things done.

The online things came first. This is mandatory for all new employees. I had to read through a number of presentations and answer a number of questions relating to the material. This wasn’t a test however but more of an information dispensary. I was informed about a number of information gathering issues as well as how to treat it within the context of the regulations in place. It reminded me of all the mandatory training that I had to do every year back in the UK. Everyone has to do this training once a year. It is a legal requirement to have all of the training renewed every year. Last February it took me a good three days to finish all of it. Then there was the training that couldn’t be done online. I had to attend a manual handling and CPR refresher course. With all of this training it is surprising that so many things still go wrong. I was done in three hours or so this day. Next I wanted to get my Criminal Record check done.

While building the cages for containers I bought some hinges that I didn’t actually end up using. I wanted to return those and get myself a laser level. This was going to be a present to myself for getting a job. I figured that the RCMP detachment out there would be able to help me out. I was going to kill two birds with one stone or so I thought. The officer stationed at the window told me no. I should go to the Saskatoon Police detachment where they handle all of these sorts of things. Feeling a bit dejected I walked to the home hardware supercentre and returned the hinges. With the few dollars that I got back I can use them towards that laser level that I was after. I had already looked online at what they had in store. I picked a level that could serve me well for many many years to come. The purpose for this level is to help hang pictures on the walls. I have an idea in mind and would like to have something that could help speed up the process. As I browsed for this laser I also spotted a tool bag that could hold all of the hand tools that we have. This moving in process coupled with all of this time on my hands affords me the opportunity to organize everything exactly as I would like it to be.

After catching the bus home I realized that I still have time to walk over to the Saskatoon police department headquarters to get my crim check done. It wasn’t far from where we live. Living really centrally has a lot of benefits. This is what I have always liked about city living. It is unfortunate that I couldn’t afford this lifestyle in London or in Vancouver but here I can. All of the benefits of city life are here. For now since buying a car is out of the question it is convenient. All of those city benefits like shopping and coffee shops as well as all of those civic events that occur happen within the city. The first event that we went to here on New Years Eve happened right downtown. This isn’t a big city but for now in our little bubble it has everything we need. People also seem to be really friendly here. The officer that performed my crim check noted that my past has been scrutinized many times already. They had access to the nationwide database that holds this information. In about ten minutes I was out of there with my criminal check in hand.

Wednesday I went and dropped off all of the paperwork that I had collected over the past few days. I am hopeful that I could start work by the end of the month but at this time I was also wondering if they will have me start at the beginning of next week. I still have a lot of work to do and we should be receiving our furniture today. I am enjoying this unpacking process. It has given me the opportunity to focus on setting up things just right. Usually when such a move occurs it takes months to be properly unpacked as other activities get in the way. I am however conscious of finances and it would be nice to have money coming in again. I have been unemployed for a month and a half now and I am trying to enjoy it as much as I can. I don’t know when such an opportunity will present itself to me again.

On Thursday I had to go and get a few things from the grocery store. The one thing that is lacking in the Downtown core of Saskatoon is a grocery store. All of them seem to be spread out all over the place. I am trying to see how long it would take to walk there. Ever since I moved to Hull I have missed my walks. Over there I lived right next door to my work so the walk there wasn’t too long. The only real walking I did was to the grocery store. That helped me get through those months. Here I am once again walking to get groceries but at least this time it is a leisurely activity and not a rush to get it done in time to get back at a decent hour. This helps me explore the city. It helps me become acclimated to my environment specifically the cold temperatures that have all of a sudden become warm. The snow has begun to melt and according to the weatherman are the warmest on record! What?!

Bus stop behind the pole

Things all around have become dirty and wet with puddles all over the place. The snow began to reveal what has been covered under it for all this time. Spots were muddy and my boots began to become caked in the stuff. All of that salt and sand that was spread all over the place now became separated according to size with the heavier bits staying behind and the lighter bits floating along with the trickle of continually melting snow. How long would this heat wave stay? Without consulting the experts it seemed like spring time was just around the corner. That is what I would be used to if I were in Vancouver. I was walking along a snowy path away from all of that muck on the street. There is a park along the river that looks like it had some landslides in years past. Up top beautiful mansions lined the prime location overlooking the city on the other side of the river. The snow reflects a lot of sun and gives the environment a different appearance. I’m not used to seeing everything covered in snow for this long. Hearty trees await spring’s flowering rush dormant in the freezing cold. I’m learning to appreciate all that is around me silencing the voices that once called this place home or some of the stereotypes associated with this province. All of that doesn’t matter. We can make a place a home anywhere together.

From Chrl ❤️

The furniture didn’t arrive when it was supposed to. The phone call to what passes as help didn’t reveal any clues as to when it would actually arrive. They had me on hold for quite a while. They were as polite as they could be constantly bracing for any potential blow up from an irate customer. I was not one of those yelling into the receiver venting my frustration because something didn’t live up to my expectations. I just wanted to know when it would be here. That they couldn’t tell me. That was a bit upsetting. What can you do though? I didn’t pay for express service. I wanted these things to come in on the cheap. I am just waiting for this and for the word that I can start work. In the meantime I have things to do. If anything this forces me to go through things that have been on the back burner for a while. I have the time now I keep telling myself motivating me to do this.













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