Barcelona to Civitavecchia then Rome


We have been on this ferry for about an hour now. We were in the initial rush to get onto this boat in a rush to find a space in which to take in this journey. We have settled on a bench that is maybe not the most ideal one but it’ll do. We have taken as much space as we could. When I returned from the toilet Chrl had allowed an older man to use a corner of our bench. He proceeded to inject himself with insulin as I sat there chatting with Chrl. He seems like a nice enough guy. 


We have departed from shore. I’m outside watching as the ferry pulls away from sick en route to our port of call near Rome. The decks are filled with people now. The area where we could have also sat had a performer singing old rock n roll tunes. It’s like karaoke except it is just this dude singing. When I went in to check it out he just began his rendition of “Cocaine”. Who knows if the people that were sitting there really knew what he was singing about. I’m sure they recognize the term. Everyone knows. 


Just got the wifi passwords. The Internet access on board is based on a data amount and not time or anything else. Chrl needs Internet access in order to do some research for her project. I’ve walked up and down as well as the breadth and depth of this ship already. I needed to in order to get the necessary info for the wifi. The ship is teeming with people. I wonder how many of them are on board? There are shops as well as a casino on board. Upstairs on the main deck outside the pool has been drained of water so now there is just a big blue thing in the middle. This ship has sailed these waters for many many years. It was probably something back in its day ten or fifteen years ago. 


It’s the next day. I’ve just woken up and are upstairs getting some fresh air. Chrl just finished doing her work and curled up to fall asleep. I’ll be up for a while watching over our stuff and watching over her as we continue along on our journey.

Sleep was hard to achieve sometimes as there was noise from all the people milling about. Our spot is near the arcade with all sorts of games. One in particular was especially bothersome air hockey. The clang from the impact between the puck and the handle thing particularly jarring when trying to sleep. It was ignored successfully enough to allow me some rest. The time now will be put toward some good use by continuing to write about our previous couple of days. 


Chrl just woke up from a nap and went to tinkle. I have been faithfully watching and keeping her warm against the air conditioning that is blasting through this place. We came somewhat prepared for this journey each with a little blanket that we got for free along our journey. Mine came from the airplane ride here. The airline supplied a complimentary blanket as well as an eye shield and a blow up neck pillow. Chrl got hers from the firm that she used to work for. Hers is really nice and it folds into a nice pillow for transport. 


I’m up on the top deck in the warm air of the Mediterranean Sea. A sanitary maintenance engineer has just unfurled a pressure washing hose and has proceeded to hose down the floor as well as all the other surfaces including the tables down. It’s an unenviable task but this way when everyone begins to wake up it will be clean. 

There are random people up milling around. The rest are sleeping in their little corners. Most people have come somewhat prepared for this journey with their little blankets. When I was booking this journey I had the option of getting us a room but I balked at the price of them. Chrl knew about my decision and was alright with it. That’s why we needed to find ourselves a proper space in which we could endure this journey. I’m happy that she doesn’t mind this way of traveling. This isn’t an ideal way of traveling but it’s a cool experience. I think that we are the only English speaking people on this ship. 


Chrl is asleep on my lap. She is all curled up and comfortable. All this sitting here however has brought me to the point of having the need to visit the toilet again. I don’t want to wake her up though now that she is sleeping. I will have to soon though. 


I woke up after falling asleep again. Sleep is another good way to pass the time. We have about ten hours left in this ship. Chrl is still asleep while I’m up on the deck getting some fresh air. There are people up and about milling already. The difference between the hot and cold of the interior and exterior is quite noticeable. I’m boiling out here while freezing downstairs. I didn’t really pack a change of clothes to put on. I’m still in my beach wear. 

I’m hungry and I’m sure that Chrl is too having communicated that much to each other when both of us were conscious at the same time. I caught a bit of the sunrise the last time I was up but I think that it was a bit too foggy that early in the morning. It’s still king of foggy now as I look into the horizon. Time to go back down and wake the sleepy head up for breakfast. 


Chrl’s gone for a walk and to have some breakfast as well. I’m left here to watch over our spot and our things. I got the internet working for her. There are only 35MB that she has to use but she can have my allotment too and if necessary I will buy her some more. She needs it more than I do. It would be good if she managed to do as much of her research as possible now. It’s going to be a wonder if she will be able to do all of her work. It depends on how much data she will eat through on her tablet doing this. I loaded two pages of a newspaper that I like chewing through 3Mb already. It was an image laden page and she got some Facebook updates being pulled in in the background. That has some data as well. An appreciation of how our modern life works is thus exemplified by how much data one chews through. 


We have docked in Porto Di Porto Torres. It’s the one stop that we had to make along this route. This port is located on the island of Sardegna. The weather is beautiful and many people are enjoying the little pool that seems to be open now. They had it cordoned off but sometime in the morning they opened it up and spread the deck chairs out. It feels like a mini cruise now. Last night we had some entertainment and today we have water on the deck. We took advantage of the changeover to grab a pair of deck chairs for ourselves. All of a sudden there was space on the deck as a whole bunch of people disembarked the ship at this port. As we left we said goodbye to the old man who just finished packing up. 

Chrl is putting on some sunscreen. She is happy and in her element out here on the deck. It’s good for her to get some fresh air. She was stuck inside working away until a late hour. A little bit of sunshine always brings a smile to her face. A little bit of color will signify that she was enjoying some time outside on the Mediterranean. I went to take some photos of where we are docked. It will take some time for al the cars to load. Need to charge my phone as well. Typing in WordPress drains the battery. 


We left the port and are slowly moving towards the next port of call. We have about six hours to go at this point. Out here on the deck most of the people are sunning themselves but the wind is quite strong launching anything that is light and not weighed down or tethered flying. It a proper open sea wind that howls cooling us off in the hot sun. It’s kind of exhilarating to breathe in this air and feel the little water droplets landing on me randomly. 


We had some lunch and had to abandon the windy and increasingly untenable spot on the deck. We were both becoming really hungry too. It was time to move inside. A lot of people got in the ferry when we docked. Where there was space before now it was full. People marked off their space by leaving towels all over the place. We had a spot in the theatre that we abandoned for the deck. Now that we are inside we kind of wished we had kept those seats. Chrl did enjoy sun tanning up there though. So now we are sitting in her blanket on the floor with happy pills that we found in Barcelona. 

There was a mixup with the prepaid dinner. Chrl got the business lunch but I had prepaid the business dinner. In the course of the discussion it turned out to be a costly option that fed both of us. We have been on this ferry for eighteen hours now. There are people sleeping all over the place. Kids are starting to become restless so there are cries coming intermittently from many different places. The adults too are starting to feel a bit tired of it. Well most of them anyways. Some are quite enjoying the DJ who is playing music outside as well as the hot weather. I need to charge my phone as it is slowly dying. It will be important to make it to the hotel from wherever this ship docks. 


We woke up from a nap about ten minutes ago. We are holed up in a corner on the floor. Whatever happened to us happened in synchrony. We both felt an overwhelming urge to sleep for some reason. Maybe it was the food maybe it was all the traveling. The shady spot on the hard surface covered by the blanky was enough. We held each other as we both drifted off. What woke us up was some screaming kid and the soreness of lying on a hard surface. 

Chrl may have lost it… She is giggling uncontrollably talking about today being her favorite day. There is some mumbling about Winnie da Pooh and Piglet and how this has some deeper meaning. Every day is a good day when we are together. 😀👫

She just kissed me as she saw the emojis that I used. I may be losing it too. I can’t even spell anymore. This has been one long journey on our little mini cruise. Chrl has finally recognized my little surprise for her. I kept calling this a ferry trip but it had all the elements of a cruise including a lounge singer, food, a swimming pool with variable temperature showers, a DJ, sunny skies, an exotic port of call, and most importantly the Mediterranian! We both got a tan!


The wifi didn’t really work. All the data that is sent over the airwaves these days is too much for this outdated service they provide on board. We were going to post an expensive selfie but the time has passed. We are approaching the port but the announcement said that we are going to be a bit late. Everything is closing. People including ourselves just want to get off this cruise now. We are cruised out. We are still smiling at each other though. Having fun despite the long journey to get here. Both of us are looking forward to a nice shower and a comfortable bed. We should be in our hotel within three hours from now. This remains to be seen. 

We are in the depths of the Mediterranean where English is only spoken with a thick accent and broken grammar. I think I only heard english spoken once here on this boat by an English person. They were some youths on what seemed like a pleasure trip. They didn’t seem to be too thrilled on this ship. 


We are still on da boat. We just had a lovely picture taken of us by some guy. I asked him to and then he proceeded to direct us all around the deck area where we are currently sitting. The sun is setting slowly in the distance as a cruise ship slowly makes its way out away from land into the sea. The winds are quieter here. We are laughing at Chrl’s proposed narrative of this story because we are silly after having endured/enjoyed almost twenty-three hours on board this vessel. Our current mood is silly. We are overjoyed at our impending arrival in Italy! Yay! 


We are entering the harbor. This is where the land meets the sea providing a safe place to dock this vessel allowing us to alight onto our next mode of transport towards our destination. I’m glad that I have connectivity to the 3G network. It isn’t fast but it allows us to find our way to the hotel. It won’t be long now until we stop moving. 


We are still on the damn boat. The terminal doesn’t look as slick as the one in Barcelona. Everyone is anxious to get off and we are standing on the stairs waiting to get off. I wonder if all of the cars have to get off before we do. There didn’t appear to be a seperate gangway for foot passengers hence our pause here. I wonder if we are going to miss the train that should take us really close to the station that we need to get to our hotel. This wait is a bit ridiculous but at least Chrl doesn’t mind. She is happy just watching the people all around her. We don’t understand anything that is being said. 


It was a frantic rush to get to this station. First we had to disembark from the vessel. We were queued with the rest of the passengers when something began to shift. There was a rush to get through passages down the stairs andnintontheir cars. We got cought up in this and ended up on a car platform. We needed to get down to the exit level. We weren’t willing to wait for them to let us off with the rest of the foot passengers. We still have to get to our hotel. We want to sleep in a nice comfy bed. We are hoping that this turns out. 

Anyways we got off at the fifth level which had no foot exit. We went in and maneuvered to the stairs again and got down to the lowest level. We were shouted at by the guys helping to move the traffic. We oriented ourselves to the exit and left along the passenger gangway. We avoided the camper van trying to turn around and made a b-line onto solid land. From there we followed the path that took us to the security check point. The guards saw us walking hand in hand and they waved us through. There were a lot of people waiting there to get on. We may have been one of the first to make it out of the ship. From this point it is a 2.2km walk to the train station. I was hoping to get a taxi there but there were none. Asking someone for help in this manner only got us that there was a free shuttle bus sometime and that Hu have to call for a cab. Time is short if we start walking now we can make the next train. So off we went. I grabbed Chrl’s backpack and began to march with her right behind me. We walked along the waterfront which was quite beautiful actually. There were fishing boats docked bobbing up and down in the harbor. The smell of fish hung in the air as the nets were piled in neat little likes in some warehouse that we walked by. There were old buildings that seemed to be from Roman times still standing and in use. 

We continued walking along the road with hardly any cars on it. We walked and walked until all of a sudden we were at the station we just missed the 2044 train but we only had to wait until the 2109. It’ll take us about an hour to make it to the centre of Rome. We had time to get ourselves a snack. What better than a slice of pizza. The thing was huge! We essentially bought a quarter of the pizza for four euro. It was really good but I’m not sure because we were hungry. I think that it was actually pretty good. 

The train left right on time. We are sitting comfortably as the train traverses the path to get us to our destination. The announcements on this train are in Italian and English but using one of those computer generated voices. They chose a male voice to make these announcements and it sounds kind of funny to us. We giggled the first time that we heard them come on. The full moon was rising off in the distance. I noticed it as we began to move from the station. It is a beautiful sight. Chrl just tucked herself under her trusty blanky and is watching me type these words. She will give me a look now. She laughed and did give it to me along with a cute smooch. 


I let Chrl go and have a shower first. We made it to the hotel a bit after ten-thirty. It’s been a long day for the both of us. Our hotel room is nice and spacious with a really good internet connection speed. I’m on our balcony enjoying some fresh air and admiring the view that we have. The hotel calls it “St Peters View” suite or something along those lines. I can see it but not the whole dome. It’s quiet outside the hotel is situated in a residential area. It will be a great place for Chrl to finish off her schooling. She did some work on the ferry but that was difficult. Here it will be nice. She might have everything finished by Sunday just inntimenfor us to enjoy the last week together unencumbered by this project of hers. She is looking forward to this end too. Anyways it’s my turn to jump in the shower. 

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