Home Stretch 10

Sniffles, these damn sniffles! They are starting to subdue. Gradually day by day they are decreasing in their severity. My morning sputum neon green indicates that my suspicion was right. It wasn’t an allergic reaction that grabbed a hold of me it was a virus or an infection that passed through my defenses with its virulence. 

Thoughts turn toward the future. Not the future in the global sense but the future in a personal sense. The sphere that will encompass my attention won’t be very big. The sphere however will travel to exciting destinations in populous places that have served as beacons for populations throughout history. It’s important to not get too far ahead of myself. There are still plenty of things to get sorted and finished not the least of which is the dwindling collection of papers that I’m extracting images from. 

Heat has abated from the atmosphere to an extent. The sun is no longer bearing down with the same intensity even though it followes a similar trajectory on a daily basis. There is change though. It is getting darker a bit earlier now. The full moon is waning and it will be a new moon when Ba(r)be and I reunite and embrace. This reprieve is welcome. I’ve felt as if this suffering lately is a wake up call. A sign that I could do more to be better. 

I’ve watched with fascination as the evolving stories that have hit the world wide newscasts have played themselves out. The older I get the more it seems to me like performance art. Reflexive reactions will not result in good outcomes but neither will dithering. So the way people carry themselves becomes as important as what they do. If both are sound then results will follow hopefully. 

The practical matters of what to do have entered my thoughts. Things like what to take and what to ship back. How to pack for the remainder of my time here. There is a lot to consider. I still don’t have a job lined up for when I return from the holidays but it’s too early to panic abou that now. I’ve got to get through all my emails and message the people that I need to message. There is so much to do still. Time is running down. It’s the home stretch before the next phase begins. 

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