Further Reaction to Brexit

I haven’t watched the news yet. I have read some reaction to Brexit on the web on my way home and of course I have talked with my colleagues about it. I noticed that my bag broke. The stitching on one of the straps came apart. Lucky I noticed but at the same time disappointing that this happened. 

A stitch in time saves nine.

The old saying reverberated through my mind. This Brexit topic has been on my mind as kind of a strange topping to this cake of a day. The sun rose and the day up here has been kind of nice. It was eerily quiet in the morning even though there were lots of people and I was late for work because I didn’t set my alarm. Good thing I’m an early riser. I noticed the problem in the morning and cursed under my breath. 

On my way back I wrote the last entry. Finished it over tea and then thought about the bag issue. My flatmate was around and I couldn’t help but ask him about his reaction. 

Did you vote?

He is Nigerian but figured that he’s been here long enough to be a naturalized citizen therefore enabling him to vote. He was surprised at the outcome but shrugged his shoulders and said

The British people are brave

He mentioned the £350 million figure and then talked about the Bank of England stepping in to relieve the pressure on the market. 

They have a lot of money 

He believes that England is going to make it. He doesn’t think that Scotland is going to leave because 

They don’t have the money

He prophecied that European Union will break apart. The dominant forces that are leading the EU will squabble. Each member has their own agenda and to me writing about this makes it seem more and more like some crazy soap opera. 

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