Daily Update 39

Thoughts in solitude have begun to weigh heavily. All that fitness and all that preparation has lead me to confront these issues. Technical glitches don’t help. 

I’ve taken upon myself the task of extracting images from the papers that I have collected. It’s going to be a mammoth task to finish it. I’m looking ahead at the things that I have to do and the places that I have to be in order to complete it. I have a vision and want to execute it. A giant collage of the year that is. 

I’m having issues with the internet again. The damn service that the accommodation offers is in a word “shit.” I spent a half hour trying to find a decent signal trying all kinds of permutations until finally living with a throttled signal that was unable to keep up with the game I wanted to watch. I didn’t even attempt to talk using it. So now I’m almost out of data…

The old boss has officially taken early retirement. Many are happy in the department while those that kind of liked her are silent with their sadness about this news. Furthermore, there are others who have to take sick leave due to the things happening in their lives. They have responsibilities to others. We will be short staffed for the rest of the week. 

I’ve been in some sort of malaise lately. If like to snap out of it. I suspect that the time I’ve spent here and the discussions I’ve had lately have something to do with it. I keep having arguments or more precisely I’m developing arguments to support my point of view. I’m kind of dissapointed and I’m also upset at what has transpired. I’m glad I have Ba(r)be to chat with. It helps to get these things out. 

The weather keeps being unsettled. I missed the strawberry moon but maybe felt it. Maybe all of these events happening all around have had an effect on my psyche. It just happens to coincide with terrestrial and celestial events. 

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