One Tonalpohualli or Tzolkin

In ancient Aztec and Mayan cosmology there is a complicated calendar that caused a while deal of controversy in twenty-twelve. In it they have a number of interlocking cycles that they use to keep time. Each cycle consists of a distinct length measured in days. These intersect at particular points and if they intersect all at once it means that it’s the end of an age. That was twenty-twelve and where all the hoopla was stored by apocalyptists. 

There is a two hundred sixty day cycle that constitutes their “Sacred Round” or Tonalpohualli in Aztec and Tzolkin in Mayan. The details and rough description can be found  here,  here, here, and here 😐😊. I’m not going to go into a description of what it’s about. Two hundred sixty days is about nine months. That will take me all the way until Christmas. 

When one thinks about a situation an important consideration to be factored into the equation is time. Time is usually found in the denominator as it devides and ultimately decides how quickly one should do something. It takes time for something to happen and sometimes the question is how long to delay something. How quickly to get in with something when the waiting has been so long? This changes everything and all of a sudden there is a number that happens to correspond to a sacred measure. 

We are talking about reunification and a countdown for its permanent trial. I’m not saying there isn’t some trepidation but that internal sensor is saying this is what you’ve been waiting for. We are both grateful for the means to communicate together. We are looking forward to that time. What this has done is cemented an end to my excursion. It has changed the value of each moment. 

It so happens that this time scale corresponds to something sacred in a culture far removed from the present. The gist of what this represents from the human gestation period to a sacred transformation corresponds in some abstract way to what lies ahead of me. 

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