Devil in the Details

In a world that relies on data the importance of precision cannot be underestimated. It’s a cold slap in the face when error impedes progress and forces capitulation to the system. It feels unnatural but this precision tunnels through the various layers of scale all the way down to the basis of reality. An error in any code has ramifications. 

It’s just a matter of paying attention to the task at hand. The form specified a particular name and there were only two to chose from. I messed this up and now I may have to wait another week for payment for my services. Anger can be projected at the system but the blame rests mainly on my own shoulders. 

The past few days have followed the same routine of work and then back to the flat. The cases in front of me routine in their repetition. It is my mind that wonders beyond the barrier in which its housed and beyond time of the present moment. My journeys to and from work look over the rolling fields and I imagine myself somewhere else with someone in my arms. 

We have tools now built out of software that can help us guesstimate numbers. Time ticks at a constant rate but emotion fluctuates sometimes wildly around this line. Calculating a projected income is easy but it’s value in terms of exchange is difficult to project. The intrinsic value of my services doesn’t diminish it’s the extrinsic value that fluctuates according to the whim of money exchangers. 

It may seem like I’m whingin’ a bit. I’ve placed myself in this situation based on an estimation and a desire to be free of the shackles of student debt. These are the hardships that arise during the course of executing any plans. Contingencies always have to be put in place and I do have some. Most importantly however is that I pay attention to my goals and the details that may derail them. 

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