Clockwork Occupation

Day by day, brick by brick although now it’s loads of concrete. The landscape changes as its brought in from one part and poured into another. There is a lot of activity as one by one the rises grow high.  Off in the distance cranes are just as perceptible as the buildings they are adding to. 

In the morning we were in synch as we put ourselves together and walked out the door. We were going in the same direction but at different rates. I had time to stop in for coffee and enjoy the dogs running around disobeying their owners. I wanted to see the sunrise over the hotizon. I was kind of late but that didn’t matter I walked a good distance and stopped in for breakfast before realizing that I’m expecting to get a phone call. I still don’t have a job to go to when I land. Gotta leave it to the last minute. 

Not much time to putter around soon I’ll have to leave and meet my brother at my old alma mater. The place has changed a bit. Some new facade added in order to provide it with a modern look but behind the scenes the trees and the buildings look like they’ve matured. Widespread connectivity wasn’t as accessible then. They changed the flooring from the carpet to linoleum squares in the main student hall. It’s a good change as that carpet looked worn even back then. 

The construction around here has been spectacular. Huge sites being developed to house the burgeoning population of investors eager to sink their money into this real estate market. There is a lack of affordability here. There is a limited amount of land available for development and many eager to make their life here. 

The school is busy as usual. The parking is unpaved still and the rush of students eager to get out of here hasn’t changed since my days. At the end of a long day of lectures and activities it’s time to get out. This place is a tough school although not terribly academically difficult. Once here it is best to just plow through all the work towards a successful completion. I’ve seen instances where this didn’t happen and it wasn’t pretty. 

My brother is taking longer than expected to get to his truck. Maybe he wanted me to see his classroom so that I can see for myself that he is actually doing this. I want to be in the road. That’s what I was hoping would be happening at this time. I want this visit to be quick and efficient. There is still a pile of things for me to do. 


If there was any wondering as to where some of my personality comes from the preceding banter amongst us family members serves as an insight into personality. Our conversations amongst ourselves tonight were lighthearted. It gave my brother and I a chance to pick on our dad for a bit. He likes to dish out his own opinions and jabs and is skillful at deflecting and twisting things around to get back at you. We do this in a loving way and it’s a family trait that we carry with us and bring to a table near you. 

We had a more serious conversation as well. In many ways the transition my parents are trying to accomplish will take some time beyond what I am able to be present here for. There are things that they are involved with like helping out some friends of theirs that are old and in ill health at the moment. Their respective children scattered all over the world so there is no one to help them at this time of need. My mom has been visiting them and helping them out by going shopping and giving them some food. My dad as well has been a bit sick. He is under strict orders from my mom to rest. 


I’m in the train home now. My brother dropped me off after we got lost in Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam. We missed a turn in Maple Ridge that we had to remedy and then we took the scenic route to Lougheed Centre where the train would take me back to the city. It gave us a chance to see the new Evergreen line that has been built and is almost ready to go except that they’ve had a problem with a section of the line where they tunneled. That section is still not finished and it’s been holding up the opening of this project. There is a need for this line to open. The whole thing is mired in quagmire. 


I’ve been listening to DJ Koze’s album on a heavy rotation. It fits the mood I’ve been under lately. It’s kind of a strange place to be straddling here and thoughts of out there. Where I am now is far removed from the troubles that plague the world right now. I suspect that when I get back to Europe it would have changed a bit from the place that it once was. A summer influx of people and the political turmoil that it has released coinciding with the rhetoric that we are now subjected to. 

But that is not what is on my mind as I move there. The first time that I went over there I wanted to experience living in a new place and learn some new skills. I was sorely disappointed by not being able to use my MRI skills. Their system is not flexible enough to accommodate me. Now my thoughts are to earn some money and see what else I could do. I have to see about family and settling my ass down. Where that actually happens I don’t know. There are a lot of unknowns but at least I have more of an idea as to where I am landing and how the system works. 

Each process needs its time in order to develop to its fullest potential with nurturing guidance. 

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