Novus Ano

It’s no longer Shine anymore now it’s called Buro. It’s a cafe a long triangular space it will never be what it once was. Those doors will never again open to the basement. But that space underneath this floor will always serve as a drinking establishment. A place to celebrate with your friends the passage of time and momentous events. A place to dance the night away and engage in questionable activities. I have wanted to visit here for a long time. It opened not too long ago but I’ve hadn’t had the time… Or so the story goes. 

I went out and captured the for in the early hours of the day. The sun didn’t break through as quickly as it did the day before. No matter the eerie quiet of the early morning was soothing to the senses. I made a coffee into my travel mug and went out and sat on the bench by the beach snapping a few photos and enjoying the reduced visibility in front of me. The frost turned all surfaces white as if there was a light dusting of snow everywhere. 

Into The Darkness was the novel that introduced me to the concept of white darkness. The concept where the fog acts as a way of isolating and disorienting forcing thoughts to become the main object of consciousness. Shapes emerged from the shadows filled in with memories of how they appear while when seen without the mist that now enveloped them. When some things are seen from up close in isolation without the context of their location they seem out of place. On this cold winter day tropical plants isolated from the beach seem to be transplanted and placed there to inspire thoughts of warm temperatures and sunny days. 

The bridge became a symbol of transition within my mind as I gazed upon it. Off in the distance I came closer and appreciated it’s grandeur towering high above the waterway almost too high… higher than necessary. The water was calm but it still held sway as I walked over along the dock to get a better shot. The heron an omen that pops up every once in a while when my mind projects out from its confines. I’ve got about a month and there is so much to be done that there’s almost a paralysis of action. There is movement however as with sentiment there is a battle between staying and going fought with friendly jibes and subtle intentions. The decision has been made however but the whole thing is complicated. 

I keep walking along the road with nowhere particular to go until I wonder how the rest of the city looks like shrouded in this fog. By now signs of life have begun to stir from their hibernation. With the light now visible beginning to shine through the clouds and traffic motion creating the necessary heat to move the fog along. There were still some areas that had some remnants of this mist remaining. Perhaps this was also a sign of the necessity of moving forward or just moving in general. A stagnant pool is not safe to drink from but moving water usually has a better track record. It’s like I mould myself to the shape of the future. A future that is still undefined and I with only a vague idea of what I want to happen. Or maybe with too many thoughts about the things that I would still like to explore and experience. Maybe this is the fog that obscures…

There were a few things that I wanted to get done. Get some groceries and maybe have some breakfast get some writing done as I’ve been slacking a bit. I’m always hardest on myself. Hopefully meet up with some friends… Like an impressionist it’s important to see things or places under different conditions to experience them in different ways. The Inuksuk near the beach on the water is one of those structures. It’s size and prominent placement acts as a natural extension of this Impressionism. The fog blocked the ocean from view. Now this symbol that I like to interpret as signifying direction stood in isolation with that damn seagull sitting on its head again. How easy is it to solve the puzzle and figure out its meaning? The success of seagulls and other such animals lies in their ability to adapt to the changing landscape. 

The breakfast place was busy and I didn’t feel like waiting so I went and hit up the bank for the last of my rent and the grocery store for meals to feed my now hungry body. These will be and were the last such days of peace and solitude. It is time for me to start planning the end of my stay here. I played some music ate and tidied up a bit. Then the horrible happened again the Internet connection failed and I sat there watching some movie I found saved on my disk. A comedy of sorts and as the day was now later on in the night I felt like I wouldn’t be meeting up with anyone. 

The next day one thing lead to another as reading occupied my time for a while and then it was off again to see if I could find that bright mountain shot that I’ve been looking for. I think that I left too late in the day preoccupied by relaxing. It wasn’t a loss though I think the day showed me some things that were unexpected and allowed me to be positive regarding the direction I’m taking. 

Speaking later on with my sis making sure that she has some time scheduled with me. It’s hard to figure out which days will be appropriate. This whole thing still has a lot of different things that have to be figured out I said. I spoke with Barbs and we talked about our arrangements. How to fill the time together so that we make the best of it. It is easy for us to communicate together. Our words interwoven with action and pleasure allowing us to experience a relationship the right way. We are on the same wavelength now but questions will linger in other people’s thoughts as to why I’m getting set to go. 

We are rational creatures living upon this planet. We can make rational much of our action even though foundations are slowly being chipped away. We are emotional creatures on this planet. We justify our actions through our belief that this is what we want. We are lost creatures on this planet. We fumble around in the wilderness rummaging in the bush until we find the tasty morsel. We are spiritual creatures on this planet. We appear distinct from the natural world creating magic and wonder through action and stillness. 


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