Sensory Deprivation Tank

I was going to do a preamble about what it is I was going to do but there was no time. 

I just finished my experience being suspended in a salt solution that has been heated to a nice temperature. I had ninety minutes in that tank. I floated back and forth hitting the edges staring into the blackness waiting for some vision to appear. 

I breathed deeply into my nostrils filling my lungs with air. I could feel my body lifting in and out of the water causing subtle ripples to perpetuate themselves along the length of my body. The air was thick with moisture. The vapor inhaled in and out as I felt my body sway yet I didn’t move at all. It was motion induced by my mind except when I floated off to the side. 

I hear my heart beating between certain breaths. I wondered what sound that was like a certain type of drum that you hear in a techno song. It’s like a drum that beats the rhythm but not too bass-y. At first I was startled but then became intreagued by the way the energy spread with each heart beat. 


Floatation or Sensory Deprivation is a practice where one floats in a specially designed tank that is filled with water that has dissolved in it about a thousand pounds of Epsom salts. The water temperature is close to body temperature and one floats effortlessly inside the light proof chamber. The salinity of the solution makes one feel weightless thus combined with the darkness and silence one’s body and mind relaxes achieving a meditative state. It is a therapeutic experience rasing the levels of dopamine and endorphins while lowering blood pressure and heart rate. “For those seeking creative exploration, deep relaxation and meditation, and general well being, a float tank is the place to find it.”


Before getting into the tank one has to fill out and sign a medical release form stating an absolution of any responsibility by the proprietor of the establishment of anything that may occur inside the tank. They would like people to be of sound mind and body before getting into the tank as well as abstaining from imbibing any mind altering substances. After being inside the tank I can see why but then again I can see why one would like to imbibe as well. Oh and by the way if one urinates inside the tank there is a hefty charge for the clean up. There is an alarm that sounds and the water changes color. I wondered if the same thing happens if one passes gas but that is a lesser consideration since one would have to breathe the contents continuously within the closed chamber. 

One is supposed to shower cleaning off any oils and perfumes that may be found on the body. The water if is filtered four times between each individual that enters the chamber. It is advisable to put in the wax ear plugs before commencing with the shower. It allows the wax to form a tighter deal with the dry skin. It adds to the silence of the experience. As I floated in the tank the seal held tightly. One floats naked inside the chamber. 

As I lay there letting my eyes relax into the black void once the light outside cut off I was conscious of the stark lack of sensations. The water felt slimy against the skin but that was what allowed it to keep the body suspended. The temperature was perfect and I was aware of how deeply my body lay in the water. I strained to see a vision instead there were clouds of color subtle but there seeming to be projected onto space. 

I focused on my breathing inhaling and exhaling deep deliberate breaths. My consciousness watched and felt each individual breath like probe checking the health of the machine. Each part of the pump from the contraction and depression of the diaphragm to the contraction of the intercostal muscles of the ribcage further expanding the volume of the lungs. The increased presence of oxygen in the lungs experienced as pulses by the mind through its effect on the colored clouds in front of me. That’s when I became aware of the lub-lub characteristic of the closing of the heart valves. It gives rise to the pulsatile motion of the blood. Something we become acutely aware of when it’s beating hard and fast. 

The rumble of the jets signify the end of the session. It’s as if one gets jolted from a deep slumber and realizing that you’re late. I don’t know if I drifted off to sleep or not but at some point I wondered how long I was in there. I guesstimated time based on my breathing rate. “Interesting” was the impression that I got from being in there. There is certainly room for much exploration. Today my focus was on having a clear mind. Although there is much emotion and wonder within my mind the trouble lies in the uniqueness of the situation and how to achieve all that my heart desires. This is a way of recharging the baterries for the next chapter. 

After cleaning myself off from the film of salt that adhered to me inside the tank I sat in a quiet room waiting for Sandy to get out too. I wrote the words up above as a way of expressing my immediate emotions of the experience. Sandy picked me up from my folk’s place after getting off from her work. We drove to South Surrey where she made the reservations. She has been to a few different ones and found a deal on the experience. She asked me at the part if I wanted to go to something like that. I said “yeah I would.”

It was quite a drive through areas that I remember as fields and open spaces. Now this area is heavily built up by new developments. We went for some food before making it to Salt the name of the place. We had a lot to catch up on and just to hang out. Sandy and I used to talk quite a bit when we worked together back in the day. We had famous chats and generally a good time. She is quite intelligent and we challenge each other’s views as well as bringing in fresh perspectives to the matters under discussion. 

After the float we went into the dry salt therapy room. It is a non-invasive and all natural treatment for respiratory conditions. A mist of salt particles is released into the air that releases negative ions that are breathed in and absorbed by the lungs and other parts of the respiratory tract.  It helps reduce inflammation by reducing the amount of mucus in the airways thereby improving airflow. At least that is what the brochure says. Sandy swears by it for her own benefit. At the end of the forty-five minute session there was a noticeable layer of fine salt particles on my clothes. This therapy is inspired by salt miners in Eastern Europe. It was noticed that they didn’t suffer any sort of respiratory ailments. 


It was a long session at this place and soon it was time to drive back. I gave Sandy a present too. A photo from my travels that she said that she would hang in her meditation room. She had to be at work the next day and I wanted to spend some more time with my family. 

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