Second Day of Hanukkah 

The wind howled late into the night. The branches of the tree outside the window of my room swayed and rustled violently with each gust. My mind raced as much as the winds that at this time disturbed the usual quiet of the night. What were those thoughts and what was the cause of the restlessness?

There was no time to ponder these thoughts as the alarm sounded in the morning. The day before now distant but some of the images scanned still percolating through my mind as I braved the morning rain on my way to work. Who knows what the day will bring and what kind of challenges it will bring. As the day progressed I managed to use the gift of speech and persuasion to persuade two patients to continue on with their scans despite their claustrophobia. Making a small difference one person at a time. 

There was no time to ponder as I raced over to Barbs’ place. Her flatmate was making “latkas” which are a potato pancake that is traditionally eaten during this time. There were a few of us that came over a group of friends of various origins. Kim isn’t necessarily religious but has maintained these traditions out of respect for her roots. She only moved to Canada from the States a few months ago and to celebrate with people is a nice gesture to have. 

I keep being asked about what my future holds and where my road wonders. I keep saying things that make sense and what I feel about it. I keep wondering though in the back of my mind if I’m doing the right thing and I think that sometimes that comes out in the strength of conviction that I have about it now. It may be due to the company I’m keeping and the things that we do. 

I wonder and wonder and these pictures bring up thoughts about wheather or not I’ve followed the right path. There are certainly things that I’ve could have done better but I don’t necessarily think that overall I’ve done all that bad. There are limits to what I could have possibly done and I understand the decisions that I made at that time. The interesting thing about it all is the breadth of experiences I’ve had in life. Maybe in the coming days I’ll say a few things about all of this. 


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