At the end of the day is a pause before another. “At the end of the day…” is a phrase that is often unused in our language sometimes to be literal and at others as a means of moving on to another subject and putting this one to rest. There have been a few literal end of the days but many more metaphoric ones. 

There haven’t been any grand adventures lately as work has gotten I the way. There have been productive days both paid and unpaid. My energy has seemed to be returning to my body like a spirit embuing sentience to an amorphous blob. At least that’s how it’s felt. There is this sense that on a daily basis the world is something new even though some of it is monotonously similar to others that have come before. 

There are times that it seems like the positive affect is a contageon that infects those around and that this somehow translates to the way things work out. On any other day it would be easy to gripe and slowly sink into that pit of doom that would slowly envelop any thing and any one within a radius. It is not inconceivable that this would then infect those vectors and be carried and spread like a bacteria or virus or a persistent meme. It would be that record that skips playing that gnarly tune over and over again. But in all honesty it could also be a good thing when flipped upside down that frown now a smile. Certainly sweets help that cause. 

I heard about the day before and all the troubles they had. I couldn’t help but be oblivious to what was now in the past. Like that coming storm that didn’t materialize exactly like they planned. We were supposed to be drenched on Sunday but instead it was the Monday the day I had off. Fuming (kinda 😐🙃) at the lot bestowed on my fate I wondered the streets to a store that should have precisely what I need to protect myself from this awful weather that is now raining down. There is no escaping this moisture that fogs all the windows in this soggy bus. Or the single glazed pane protecting me from outside. 

The morning was spent reading and setting up a way for me to support myself in that foreign land. This day was also the day that I’d purchase my ticket for that flight heading east. Some would be interested to know when that would be. For now I’m not telling maybe I’ll do another countdown to when I leave. My sense of adventure was curtailed by the rains, winds and darkness that just couldn’t be overwritten and in the end it was good I stayed in. I was soaked from my earlier outing my wardrobe woefully deficient in this country now. I found the style that I wanted just not in my size. I don’t want to order it because it would take too much time I still need to try it on before I buy. 

I’ve done a lot of reading and thinking about the state that the world finds itself in. There have been a few good speeches that have bolstered my faith in humanity above the hatred and vitriol that is also around. There has to be a perspective that needs to be attained in order to be effective in combatting those who seek to harm. There is the immediate reaction of hyper vigilance but that is not a sustainable way to go. There is no need to project and inflame further prejudice causing the cycle to spread to the whole. They have to be brought out of the shadows and exposed for who and what they are so that they loose the mystique that they garner for themselves and the cause. 

This time around it’ll be different as I’m a different man. The change incremental but perceptible since the time has flown by. With renewed energy I go on but at the end of the day I think I’ll just go to sleep 😌💤

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