13 of 36 in 48 Storm Day

I feel like narrating this in the raspy voice of the guy narrating Narcos. With the same kind of swagger and ambivalence towards the outside world. The thing that matters is what those eyes have seen and that body experienced. It’s what that attitude conveys drawing you in and seducing you like the narcotic it portrays. An uncredited character of this whole drama.

The forecast called for rain but no one mentioned the winds that came with it. In the morning my short walk found me drenched as I climbed into the hospital. I took solace in the fact that I wouldn’t be sitting somewhere watching the rain cursing that the day off would be spent huddled inside. 

Sometime around noon the lights started to flicker. It’s a tell tell sign that there are power bumps happening as the hospitals generators jumped into motion to compensate. Soon enough the system started to be affected. One by one the scanners in the department as well as the network started to go down. The scanners only momentarily but the network for a while. We had to continue on as we searched for the protocols that were needed for us to continue operations. News of power outages starts to filter in to our control rooms. Patients calling wondering if we could still do their scans. The wait list is long there is cause for concern for some of them. The scans we were performing at this time were long. It made it kind of easy to fix once the system came back up. 
At my morning coffee break I was expecting to exit into a storm. I found the outside world calm and dry. The rain was nowhere to be found. The sidewalk was even kind of dry as I refilled the mug. The control rooms have no windows. There is no way to see what was happening. This was before the power outages and the wind. At lunch I had the same expectation. I walked outside and wondered about the wind. There was none. My colleagues felt it when they left outside. It was nice and peaceful but the ground was littered with branches and leaves. I scarfed my lunch down and had to stop at my place. Had a chat with one of the ladies and she asks me if I saw the winds. I said no. She went on to tell me how wild it was. She walked away with her rolling bag as I went to the flat. 

It was busy at work and we kept swapping patients as the day progressed helping to keep each other on time. The hours passed quickly. I think that one of my patients took a bit too much diazepam to calm their anxiety, their clausterphobia. They slept it off in the hospital before making their way home. The wildness in here matched the wildness out there. As I walked home there were puddles everywhere. The day was clear and unless I was hibernating I wouldn’t of have known. The newscast put the affected population at 200000. That’s how many were without power. There was a report of a woman being struck by a falling tree as well as one of the Skytrains. They say tomorrow is going to be like this again…

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