All Work and No Play

As the saying goes makes one into a boring bloke. There are moments of excitement sometimes at work but nothing to get too excited about. Day three of seven is in the books or signed off on the timesheet. At the end of the day meandering past the remnants of the fireworks crowd content with the few slices of pizza to satisfy a hunger that has built up over the past few hours. 

Earlier as I came back from lunch there was an incident in progress. Someone stole one of the patients purse as she was changing. From what I can gather she went into the stall to put on her clothes leaving her purse inside the locker and a guy that sat was sitting down there in the patient waiting area grabbed it and walked out. She was quite distraught and upset. There is considerably less staff working on the weekend and the back door was propped open by the portering staff making it easy for someone with nefarious intentions to leave unnoticed. The back doors have been broken for a while and this was the reason why they were open. They should open automatically but this function hasn’t been working. It’s taken a long while to get it fixed. 

The city is quiet in the mornings on a long weekend. All the activity happens at night extending into the predawn hours. I get to miss all of that with how my schedule contorts me. The partying and drinking that goes on looks like fun but it’s the human interactions that hold the most appeal. There are scenes of dancing to the rhythms that blast out into the street from the opened windows of some establishments. After a long day I know better not to get involved in it now. As just an observer I pass by unnoticed except to those not happy with the pace of my walk along the sidewalk. 

Reconnecting will have to wait a bit longer until there is time in the schedule. I can see the end but it will take some time. Time that precious commodity that can’t be bottled only scheduled like a flat in an apartment block. It is somewhere over there yet immediate and now. Wading into the swamp of distraction to get to the time where the waters are crystal clear and nourishing. Just need to take those steps toward a time when those steps are on that hallowed ground and not on debris strewn lots. 

I keep telling myself that coming here was necessary. It is and was necessary but to stay is another matter. That is the nature of my continuing exploration of my life here. It’s been really nice lately and some of these thoughts are a result of me yearning for a better life more so than what I’m able to live. I’m just treading water and not thriving like I’d like to. 

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