Poprawka Friday

Sometimes once is not enough and it takes a second time to properly celebrate a moment. Some moments are worth celebrating. In the case of my birthday it just became an excuse for shots šŸ˜œ. 

The daily grind is coming into perspective. Time management is one of those things that really shows the reality of the situation. I am in no position to be asking for time off. Firstly I just started and secondly I need the money. I am not ahead of the game but somehow fallen behind. 

My eyes opened in the morning with the realization that I had to be there operating the magnet. I was glad that there only was one drink consumed the night before and that the craziness that inevitably ensues at work would be handled with a conscious mind and not one recovering. That’s maturity I tell myself or a sign of changing times. 

The day was as expected in terms of workload. We fit in extra cases that needed to be done. Somehow we found the time to get them done and then some. It is good practice for me to do them as they reawaken the knowledge stored within. Each day I get better. Each day as the clicks and rumbles of the electromagnetic waves permeate the space I think about all that time I spent pursuing this knowledge. I think about doing all that I’ve ever wanted. My thoughts sometimes wonder if this is enough. 

As I wondered the streets on my way back home I thought about the material that this city gives me as a canvass. It’s not blank by any means. There are these vistas that are not found anywhere else. But there is a finite amount of material. 


Called up an old friend to see what she was up to. I asked if she wouldn’t mind if I join her for some drinks. There were some homies that she was hanging out with drinking margaritas. Things changed when I got there and I told them that yesterday was my day. She felt embarrassed that she forgot about it and then they proceeded to fill me up with shots. 

We went from one place and then to another. We talked about things as we got to know each other. Some of her homies are unknown to me but not any longer. After a few hours drinking together that can’t be the case any longer. Too bad I have work in the morning on a Saturday and then on Sunday. 

I should be getting ready but I should finish this first.  

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