Day Number Two

I woke up early as usual and after chatting with my uncle for a bit I decided to go into the Old City to look for a little totem to carry with me through my travels. It will be like a little gnome that gets photographed in various locales instead of the classic selfie. I will of course still have a few of those but… that is for another post. It is or was a beautiful day once the day became warmer. The Sukiennice (Cloth Hall) are in the centre of the square. As the day progressed more and more people filled the square and with the sun shining I think I got a bit of a tan. 

The inside of the hall olds many stands with trinkets for the tourists’ temptation. Since I got there at about nine in the morning I watched as they slowly opened their gleaming displays while checking out their offers. I needed to buy a what I term in my mind as a “humulculus” or a little man inside but, it is more of a totem or a subject of some photos that I will take on these travels. It’s important to pick the right thing right? 

Since the Old City is not that big it gave me a chance to walk it’s streets admiring the architectural differences from London. The colours are more pronounced and the shape of the facades is more intricate at least where it hasn’t fallen off due to disrepair. 

I only uploaded the nice pics from my camera. It will be quite the process uploading things through the dongle onto my iPad the damn thing won’t work with the phone due to Apple’s software block thanks 😐

Still one can only upload so many things before they overwhelm. 

There are so many things to share… Won’t have time to finish this because I’ve got to go 😀

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