Changing Light

near Marble Arch

Part of being somewhere is seeing how the changing light affects not only the landscape but it’s effect on us. I had to stop and admire the scene through a lens and some filters. There have been many times when I just kept going only a cursory glance in this direction. It may be that the senses are slightly heightened and are appreciative of the scene in front of me….

As I walked away further down I came upon another such scene. In this case the expanse was greater and the scene just as spectacular.

It is at this point that I noticed that my lens cap was missing. The damn thing comes of quite easily and I thought it was me bag. So I started to search

 “nope not in there”

I guess I should take put the bag down from over my shoulder and check more closely, it could be in my pocket unroll the shirts. It soon became clear that it wasn’t in there, nor was it in me pockets. It must have fallen off up by the intersection when I was putting it away. I cursed a bit as I started back along the way towards that busy intersection knowing that somebody could have picked it up by know as it is a busy place. I approached from the opposite way that I normally walk through. There was a group of kids part of a school trip stopped at the red light opposite of me. Where did it drop? As I crossed the steet starring at the red man after the traffic passed I noticed the lens cap laying there on the ground. Nice! Good end to that little ordeal. 😀

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